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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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3 c3 vivo desde el estudio 1 a de it's incredibly confusinconfusi. number one football player, a runner up for the heisman trophy and the story he's been telling for months doesn't seem to be true. >> his girlfriend's death and howmo manti te'o dealt with it, but he claims he was the victim of a sick joke. others aren't so sure. we'll talk to the reporter who broke that story. then president obama launching a campaign style push to gain public support for
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sweeping gun control efforts. the national rifle association is vowing the fight of the century to block that. we'll talk to the nra's president coming up. an inside look at scientology. an exclusive interview with oscar winning director and former scientology member paul hagut says he thinks the religion is a cult. the church dismisses him as the hypocrite of hollywood. we'll speak with him and talk to the author of a new book that explores the link between scientology and hollywood. we want to get to breaking news. nbc's nichelle cokosinkski liven london. >> reporter: this has been changing by the moment. first, the report that a number of hostages has escaped. now that algerians have raided the facility and a number of
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have been killed, including hostages. 41 people held, among them americans, british, norwegians, and they called this retribution for french intervention in neighboring mali against militant there. at this hour scattered reports out of the algerian desert. that large bp gas facility, that a standoff is going on. algerian army has militants and dozens of international hostages surrounded. among them, americans. >> in order to protect their safety, i'm not going to get into numbers, i'm not going to get into names, not going to get into any further details as we continue to work on this issue with the algerian authorities. >> reporter: french television quoting one of the hostages from a phone call, saying heavily armed militants have forced some of them to wear explosive belts. attackers calling them the battalion of blood, claiming they rigged the perimeter with explosives and attempts to free
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hostages would lead to "a tragic end." information scarce out of this desert outpost. the bold attack started at dawn wednesday. vehicles with militants tried to ambush a load of gas workers on the way to the airport and then attacked the facility itself, killing one british and wound two others. >> this is a tragedy and dangerous and rapidly developing situation. it is absolutely unacceptable, of course. in this case, the cold-blooded murder of people going about their business. >> reporter: the group claiming responsibility is led by algerian mokhtar belmokhtar, one-eyed former fighter, nicknamed by the french, the uncatchable. a long history of kidnappings and killings for al qaeda. hours before this incident, he vowed retaliation for islamic
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fighters in mali against the french. if militants are surrounded now, he may finally be caught. the fate of the hostages is what the world is watching. the situation is ongoing. the scale of this is something many didn't think al qaeda-linked groups were capable of. many are wondering if firepower didn't come from the disarray in libya and how many other groups now have the same. savannah. >> michelle kozinski in london, thank you. now here is matt. now to the latest on the trouble on boeing's 787 dreamliner. faa has grounded all of them in the u.s. and overnight, europe did the same. tom costello covers aviation. tom, to up. >> reporter: united is the only airline that flies the 787 dreamliner in the united states.
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and they are complying with the faa. all 50 787s worldwide are now grounded. a dramatic action, by grounding the troubled 787 fleet, boeing's problems have been elevated to an all out safety emergency. the action coming after wednesday's full evacuation of an ana 787 after the pilot thought he smelled smoke. last week, a fire in the battery rack of a parked 787 in boston. the emergency air worthiness director. before further flight, operators of boeing 787 aircraft must demonstrate to the faa that the batteries are safe and in compliance. >> it is serious. we've had two events where there have been smoke and potential fire on board. and so i think everybody is responding appropriately. >> reporter: wednesday's problem, located near the lithium batteries in the forward bay, underneath the flight deck, behind the nose.
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last week's fire, located behind the wings in the 787s a.t. electrical bay. the batteries that run the auction i'llry power were severely burned and charred. lithium batteries have been known to overheat and catch fire. there was a crash of a ups plane in dubai, the faa prohibited lithium batteries as cargo in passenger planes. now potentially serious with the power-generating batteries. >> lithium ion batteries seem to be at the center of the fire and smoke event. that's a big issue not only with boeing, but other manufacturers using the same batteries. >> reporter: in a statement, boeing says it's working around the clock with its customers and the various regulatory and investigative authorities and we'll be taking every necessary step in the coming days to assure our xhirs and the traveling public of the 787's safety and to return the airplanes to service.
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this brand new state of the art 787 dreamliner has been a huge headache for boeing. this plane is made not of alumin aluminum, but largely of plastic. a very big reason it has sold so well. six years ago, we were on the assembly line as the first 787 rolled off. production problems delayed deliveries for years. now a series of embarrassing and dangerous incidents involving the plane. >> i expected it it's becoming for boeing somewhat of a nightmare scenario. that is because it's a technologically very advanced, cutting edge airplane and they are experiencing problems in several areas, early in its service life. will they fix it? of course they will, yes. >> reporter: boeing reiterates it believes that the 787 dreamliner is safe. but japanese tv is reporting that the batteries on the ana plane that made the emergency landing on wednesday were also charred, and there were signs of smoke inside the aircraft.
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it's very unusual for the faa to ground a new plane, but you can see why they've done it now. back to you. >> tom costello, thank you very much. savannah. >> mat matt, thank you. president obama is getting set to hit the road to sell his new gun control proposals. we will speak with the head of the national rifle association in a moment, but first, to the white house. >> reporter: it will be a difficult task to try to pass all of the president's proposals, but that's why they are making the strong effort that began in earnest this morning. the op-ed you noted in "the connecticut post" that said, among other things, if even one life can be saved, we have an obligation to try. and a senior official tells nbc news, the president and vice president joe biden will take the message on the road in the days and weeks ahead. doing it online with the #nowisthetime.
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kicking off the most ambitious federal campaign to kick off gun violence in decades, president obama wednesday made this heartfelt promise. >> i will put everything i've got into this, and so will joe. >> reporter: but some republicans are signaling it will be an uphill battle for the president. >> it won't be easy. legislation will be introduced and we'll look at it when it happens. >> reporter: marco rubio dismissed the president's plan. guns are not the problem. criminals with evidence nil their heart is. what's in the plan? a ban on military style assault weapons, limits op high-capacity magazines, that might have reduced the number of victims in recent shootings, universal background checks that could have prevented the columbine high school gunman from purchasing from a private seller. >> this is our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. >> reporter: to reinforce that
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point, mr. obama shared the stage with four children who had written letters to him since newtown. >> on the letter that julie wrote me, she said i know that laws have to be passed by congress. but i beg you to try very hard. julie, i will try very hard. >> also greeting the president, 10-year-old teja goode. >> you don't want to lose your life over one little thing, luke a bullet. >> reporter: before signing nearly two dozen executive actions, the president called on americans to ask representatives what's more important? >> doing whatever it takes to get an "a" grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns? or giving parents some piece of mind when they drop their child off for first grade? >> reporter: even before the president's remarks, the nra unleashed this attack. this invokes mr. obama's daughters. >> are the president's kids more important than yours?
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then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? >> reporter: the white house quickly blasted the video as repugnant and cowardly. and house speaker -- if congress acts on this, house speak her john boehner will have to play a significant role on this. yesterday after the president's remarks, the speaker was noncome mittal, saying there was little urgency to act. >> david keane, president of the national rifle association. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> i'll start with the quote of the mother of a 6-year-old who died. people who want to own firearms responsibly have nothing to fear from the president's proposal. you represent those law-abiding gun owners. what do they have to fear? >> they have a good deal to fear. they have to fear the establishment of the national registry. in the last few days, a senator from california and governor of
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new york suggested one of their goals is what they call a forced buyback. if you can get a record of who owns firearms, then the government could force them to sell those guns back to the government. >> let's talk about the proposals -- fair enough. let's talk about what's been proposed by the president. starting with universal background checks. why would it not be in the interest of the nra, again, which represents law-abiding gun owners to have more background checks so guns don't fall into the hands of criminals or people with mental problems, which makes law-abiding gun owners look bad? >> as you know, savannah, the nra is a long-term supporter of the background system of people who go to gun shops and buy firearms. back the last time we had this dispute, you will recall that a lot of the rhetoric surround what the government likes to call the gun show loophole. which means that if you and i go
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to a gun show and sell one another a gun, since neither one of us are dealers, a private transaction, doesn't have to go through the system. not a lot of guns are sold that way, but we suggested that the government, if they wanted to, could have a booth at a gun show, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and required anybody that made sales on the premises, have that -- those sales and those buyers checked, and the government said we're not interested in doing that, it becomes more problematic when you talk about the farmer who buys a new shotgun and sells his old one to the neighbor over the fence or father who sells to his son, those sorts of things, laws need to be certain and fair and fairly enforced. >> let's move on to high-capacity magazines. another proposal that i understand the nra opposes. so people understand the position, can you explain the rationale for having high-capacity magazines available in a civilian setting? >> here is the real problem with
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this. back in the '90s, when the clinton administration had a so-called assault weapons ban, that also included a ban on high-capacity magazines, and that's -- none of the did any good, had any impact. there are a couple of reasons for that. in terms of the magazines, these things, there are millions of them out there. very inexpensive, and you get into this sort of bidding match. you shouldn't have a 30-round magazine, 20-round, the president says we have a 10. the governor says i can top that, we'll have a seven-round magazine. this is all sort of makes you feel good, but, in fact, it doesn't do much. now, if you are out there, and if you are crazy and you have a gun like this, and if you are going to shoot people with it, it takes a second to change the magazines. >> i have to ask you about n ad the nra put out that mentions the president's daughters and
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calls the president an elitist hypocrite. he is skeptical about putting armed guards in schools and yet his own daughters have armed protection at their school. the white house says this is a cowardly act. was that necessary in your view to make your point? >> it's not about the president's daughters. >> the ad does mention the president's daughters. >> it's about how to keep children safe, savannah, and our point is not just the president, but david gregory and others were pictures in the ad, are people who have not just been skeptical, but have attacked the nra and the idea of school security, while sending their own children to secure schools. we believe that every parent ought to be able to be comfortable, knowing their children are safe and if it requires armed security, it's as good for the working man as it is for the president. >> david keane, we appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. let's get a check on this
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morning's other top stories with natalie morales. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with more staff changes at the white house. dennis mcdonough is likely to be named the next chief of staff. it is being vacated by jack lew. mcdonough one of the president's close advisers since the presidential campaign. secretary of state hillary clinton will testify at a senate hearing on the deadly raid at benghazi, libya. her replacement, john kerry, will be sworn in the next day. and what is believed to be the largest study of the flu vaccine during pregnancy, researchers found no evidence that the shot increases the risk of miscarriage. the study, released by the "new england journal of medicine" found that the flu vaccine may prevent some fetal deaths.
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the aurora, colorado, theater where a shooting ram paige is pages is reopening today. some victims and families are boycotting the reopening ceremony, angry by the theater's response to thtragedy. and wall street, mary thompson at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. the dow's five-day win streak coming to a close. the reason? boeing's shares fall as problems happen with the 787 dreamliner. the federal reserve's regional survey found modest growth at year end 012, despite concerns about the fiscal cliff and the looming battle over the debt ceiling. >> mary thompson, thank you. one of television's favorite
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fathers has died. conrad bains played the father on "different strokes." a veteran stage actor, he rose to fame in middle age with the long-running family sitcom. he was 89 years old. a big hit here on nbc. 7:19 right now. back over to matt, savannah and al. >> must-see tv. >> exactly. mr. roker is here. >> a big storm going on down south. live to pearl, mississippi. you can see the snow already on the ground and more on the way. as we take a look and show you what's happening. here is the latest. we have winter storm warnings. winter weather advisories, stretching all the way from jackson, mississippi, to southern new jersey. storm system a fast mover. and a ton of snow. and from the west to the east. it will dump a lot of rain. snowfall amounts, some areas picking up 6 to 12 inches of snow and rainfall to the south
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of it. anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. that's your latest weather. we'll get your local forecast, right after this. t right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. good thursday morning to you. it's cold out there. not as cold as it has been. a look at this. return of the 40s in san francisco and oakland. 33 in sunnyvale. 39 degrees to start you out in santa cruz. temperatures climb nicely by noon. upper 50s. close to 50 everywhere.
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we'll round out the day with low to mid 60s. comfortable conditions and we get even warmer as we head into the upcoming weekend. hope you have a fantastic day. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, a college football star's heartbreaking and inspirational tale about overcoming the death of his cancer-stricken girlfriend exposed as a hoax. plus, an exclusive interview with a member of the church of scientology, director paul haggis. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. there's a local connection to the very strange story surrounding the notre dame football player allegedly inspired by the death of his girlfriend. turns out manti te'o's give never died and never even existed. lennay kekua allegedly went to stanford but the school has no record of her as a student. the school newspaper editor is upset by the news outlets that didn't fact check that story. >> if someone told me manti te'o's girlfriend is a stanford grad, i would say absolutely not. tragic car accident. a student that dies from leukemia and a girlfriend of manti te'o who every time stanford played notre dame i would have wanted to write an article about that because it would be a great story. >> kid has a good point. we're supposed to hear from te'o
7:26 am
sometime today and coming up in a few moments on the "today" show, you'll hear from one of the reporters who actually broke this story. right now we're going to hear from the multitalented christina loren to tell us about some very nice weather and a beautiful shot. >> it's lovely. good morning to you. 7:27. a live look at the sunol grade. we'll check on your drive with mike standing by. i want to show you how crystal clear it is. temperatures this morning are a touch more mild because of the additional cloud cover. this now is san jose just a beautiful sunrise this morning. it's still cold out there. it is not going to get any colder overnight than it has been over the past couple days. temperatures in the low to mid 20s. through the next couple mornings more clouds mean warmer start. 65 later today. 63 bayside. we keep on climbing into the upcoming weekend. good looking news there. let's check on the drive and see how well we're doing. >> a lot better than predawn hours. problems on the bay bridge which caused early backups. things are atypical but here's the backup at the toll plaza which looks normal. map shows you slowing through berkeley and emeryville.
7:27 am
backing up through richmond which is typical there and slow north 880 approaching early backup at the toll plaza. all lanes on the upper deck are cleared. 880, 680 typical slowing south into fremont. slow on 101 because of a crash there. >> thank you very much. we'll have another local update for you in one half hour from right now. the "today" show rolls on.
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the single most trusting human being i have ever met will never be able too trust again in his life. that san incredible tragedy. >> that is north dame's athletic director it and a star hoax for its star football player. the university standing behind manti te'o after the his girlfriend who he said died of leukemia, never existed. i'm matt lauer beside savannah guthrie. >> te'o claims he was the victim of a sick joke but there are a lot of questions people have for him this morning. going to have the latest on this story straight ahead. also, a rare look at the church of scientology from a former long time member, oscar winner paul haggis. also talking to an author who explores the church in a new book "going clear, scientology, hollywood and the prism of belief." today's professionals are here, including special guest, suze orman, hot topic, including
7:30 am
lance armstrong's confession, can he repair his public image? >> some lo love going around there. but let's begin this half hour with this incredible story, this hoax involving the top football player a at notre dame? nbc's john yang is in south bend this morning. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it does seem like -- or seemed like a story made for hollywood, a star football player here at north dame who leads his team to a spectacular season after overcoming terrible tragedy, the deaths of his grandmother and his girlfriend on the same day. but it turns out that's all it was, a story. manti te'o's story seemed destined to take its place alongside the legends of notre dame's storied football program. a star linebacker and heisman trophy finalist after an undefeated season that end ted national championship game. inspiring teammates and becoming a campus hero by triumphing over twin tragedies, the loss on the
7:31 am
same day in september of his grandmother and his girlfriend who died after battling leukemia, a story he told on espn's "college game day" in october. >> the most beautiful girl i've ever met. not just because of her physical beauty but the beauty of her character and who she is. >> reporter: she never existed, a fact first reported by the web side >> a story that was sort of unimaginable, here is someone tellinging us we should check because he had heard she didn't exist. >> reporter: after all, the story of te'o's doomed girlfriend formed a plot line often told by te'o and his family. in an october newspaper story, his fathered she locked eyes after a notre dame game at stanford in 2009. then her near-fatal car crash last year, subsequent leukemia diagnosis and death, just hours after his grandmother died. >> actually talk about my grandma. she was trying to console me and
7:32 am
i was just out of it and last thing she said to me is "i love you." >> reporter: te'o, who is in florida preparing for the upcoming nfl draft issued statement saying they met online and only communicated by phone. "to realize i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating." at a news conference, the north dame athletic director choked with emotion. >> that the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust in the same way again in his life, that's an incredible tragedy. >> reporter: school officials say te'o discovered the deception in early december and told coaches three weeks later. notre dame hired private investigators and got their final report january 4th, two days before they lost the national championship to alabama. >> we encouraged him to try to focus forward and focus on the game and not -- not draw attention backwards, if he
7:33 am
could. >> reporter: the athletic director spec tate lathes that day joe the if i can victim to have a phenomenon called cat fishing, using social media to create a false identity, the subject of a series on mtv. for the journalist who broke story, no twist could be too far fetched. >> given how much of a surprise what we have already learned is i'm hesitant to guess where this story is going to go. >> reporter: even though school officials knew of the hoax before the national championship game, they didn't say anything publicly. they said they believed it was te'o's story to tell, not theirs. they say te'o was planning speak out next week before deadspin beat him to the punch and now he could speak out as soon as today. is matt? >> john yang, thank you very much. timothy burng is the reporter from who broke this story. timothy, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> morning, matt. >> let get right to this. who is the victim sneer we listened to a news conference at notre dame last night where university officials seemed to say that manti te'o was caught
7:34 am
up in an online hoax. he is the guy who has been victimi victimized. i read your story in deadspin and it paints a very different picture. take me through it. >> well, what we have is a long-term hoax identity that was created what we believe by this individual and -- >> this individual, manti te'o? >> no, no his -- this person that we believe to be his friend. >> okay. >> and he had previously gotten some other guys suckered into this fake relationship. but the one with manti te'o is very different. the previous incident lasted about a month before the guy figured it out. manat this time. we were to believe his statement you didn't catch on the entire year, even though we believe it was this individual he knew and actually spending time with you know, in the offseason. so, it's -- it's -- it takes a great deal of faith. if you're gonna believe that
7:35 am
manti te'o actually spent an entire year with a girlfriend that he never met and that he never did any video chat with. >> and looking at you and listening you, you don't want to seem to take that leap of faith? >> um, you know, it's tough for me. i want to believe that manti te'o is a smart kid. playing line back erfor the university of north dame require ascertain amount of smarts and it would take, i think, you know, a pretty, i guess, clueless guy to fall for this for that long. and i guess that's where my skepticism lies. >> but timothy, let me flip that same coin over, i agree with you, i think's pretty smart kids, i have listened to him in interviews, he is articulate, he is not a dummy. in the age of google and social media, why would a smart kid think that he could get away with this if, in fact, you want to assume that he play may have part of this hoax? >> you have to ask where were
7:36 am
the people around mantei who should have picked up on the bizarre discrepancy and behavior of his girlfriend to begin with? when his father told the south bend tribune they had met in 2009 and she had visited him in hawaii, where was that coming from? in you buy into manti's story he was hoodwinked in the entire thing, it was a hose, some of the people around him didn't do their due diligence protecting him from that kind of thing. >> neither did the media do its due diligence in checking a story it ran with because it was so heart-warming. >> on today, my co-writer, jack dickey, and i will publish a full listing you of some of the glaring discrepancy and contradictions in the reporting of the story of manti te'o and lennay kekua, his alleged girlfriend, should have been an immediate flag to anybody paying attention to
7:37 am
college football news that something wasn't right here and we have five separate dates that she allegedly died in major media sources. somebody should have noticed this. >> if it turns out that manti te'o was involved in some capacity in this hoax, timothy, why? why why he do it? >> he certainly at least has some incentive. we have no idea what incentive he would -- for a hoaxer to fool him over that term period. but manti te'o would have an increased, and obviously, we know every story written about him this season referred to him, you know, as the guy who lost his grandmother around his girlfriend in a 24-hour period. that's part of his story. and that's part of the myth-making that comes along with being a storied motnotre n athlete. >> timothy burke, we will follow your reporting on this thanks very much for joining us.
7:38 am
>> thank you, matt. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> matt, thanks so much. out west, stormy systems in the south but out west, not much going on thanks to a big area of high pressure so it is creating light winds and an inversion. strong winds to the south of that system. looking to the north, dense fog advisories and air stagnation advisories down to the south. southern florida the winds are rough. santa ana winds, wind gust, high wind warnings, wind advisories, gusts 60 miles 7:39 on a thursday morning. you're so close to the weekend and warmup continues today and into the weekend. look at this beautiful sunrise over san francisco. you can actually see the sun glistening over the san francisco bay just spectacular out there. highs are also going to be very comfortable. i think you'll like what we have in store for you in san jose. 64 for fremont today. san francisco not too shabby.
7:39 am
64 degrees. we keep on climbing into the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? al, thank you thanks very much. coming up next, an nbc news exclusive, a former long-time member of the church of scientology, oscar winner paul haggis, reveals what he think really thinks of the church now. that's right after this. hurry up or we'll miss the bus! come on! ♪ whatcha got there, richard? they're for show & tell. wasn't that yesterday? yup, but the class wants me to do it again. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker learned early on just how irresistible their jam really is. so how'd it go today, richard? i shoulda brought more. [ male announcer ] for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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out today examines other things, a connection between the church of scientology and the entertainment industry. we are going to talk to the author that have book in a moment. but first, nbc's harry smith sat down for an exclusive interview with oscar-winning director paul haggis, who was a member of the church for 34 years before breaking away in 2009. >> why did you finally leave the church? >> i was ashamed of my own stupidity. how i could have been so purposely blind for so many years. >> reporter: paul haggis is the oscar-winning writer and director of "crash" and the most famous scientologist to ever leave the church and speak out publicly. did scientology help you early on? >> yes, it did. like picking up any good self-help book. you are going to get something out of t. >> reporter: how do they convince people to be loyal?
7:43 am
>> it's just this long, slow walk toward -- the idea of being part of a group that is ostracized and hated, which bands you together against the outside world. >> reporter: but then, after more than 30 years in the church, the outside world came crashing in. haggis began to wonder what his church really stood for. and for the first time, began his own research. >> i went, oh, my god, is this really happening? >> reporter: he learned of allegations of abuse at the highest levels of the church, from a series of articles in "the st. petersburg times," stories of physical violence and involuntary confinement. haggis was particularly shocked when he read allegations on anti-scientology websites of children made to work 12 to 16 hours a day. >> it's horrible treatment these kids had, terrible. they are made to work so often. all day long, terrible conditions.
7:44 am
>> reporter: church denies any of this abuse happened. they say haggis' investigation was a sham and that there is no record, no police reports, no medical records, no photos to support these allegations. the church also says it adheres to all child labor laws. when you left the church, you described it as an act of treason? >> yes, it was a treason nous act. an enemy who declares himself an enemy that is a bad thing. off friend who stand you in the back, that's worse and that's what they claimed i did and that's actually what i did. >> reporter: in retrospect, haggis says he was never a true believer. for his her res circumstance the church has labeled him the hypocrite of hollywood and says he has not been an active member for years. is science cology a cult? >> of course it is. of course it is. a system of belief, you got these folks inside this fortress who won't look out, won't look at any criticism and can't bear to -- any investigation and
7:45 am
think that everyone is against them. how would you describe that? it's a cult. of course it is. >> well, larry ryan is a pulitzer-prize wing author, his new book is "going clear, scientology, hollywood and the prison of belief." good morning to you, larry. >> good morning. >> pick up with paul haggis left off. he calls scientology a cult. based on your reporting, is that what you would call it? >> i don't use those words, only one opinion that matters about whether it's religion or a cult and that's the irs and they made that decision in 1993 in the nation of 2400 lawsuits from the church and church members. >> concluding it is a religion? >> yes. >> let's talk about what you found in your book. you say you interviewed more than 200 people you looked at thousands of pages of documents. what is the most troublesome practice you say you uncovered through your research? >> the recruitment of children at very young age to join their clergy call a sea orb, they step
7:46 am
away from their education, they are impoverished by their service and made to work long hours, as paul said you can on that clip. some of these kids, you know, one of them i talked to, he was put in one of these heavy machinery factories where they notch books and they chopped off part of his finger. he was 16 years old. according to the labor laws in the state of california, he shouldn't have been in that kind of situation. he should have been in school to start w >> you mention the labor laws, i should mention again, the church of scientology says it comp lies about all applicable child labor laws and as a blanket matter, denies allegations such as yours. you also allege the continuing course of intimidation by the church for members who try to leave. >> well, i have talked to you know, 150 people who were former members, 160, something like that, and many of them have been harassed, some of them have been followed by private investigators. threatened with a breaking away from their family, not being able to see members of their
7:47 am
family, loved ones. so yes, there is a campaign of harassment against people who have criticized the church or left the church. >> a amount ago, you mentioned some physical abuse, i should read a statement the church gave us with regard to that. "there is no record no police reports, no medical records no photos, no documents, no evidence at all to support these allegations, no corroboration whatsoever." i guess the church's point is if there is abuse, physical abuse going on, why suspect there corroboration for that? >> well, there is. i have talked to 12 people who say they have been physically abused by the leader of the church, david muss gaffe vich and more than 20 who say they have witnessed such actions and corroborate those statements, plenty of statements. >> muss gaffe vich in particular is somebody who denies these allegations. nbc actually spoke to three current members of the group who deny the allegations in your book. you have former members who say these three people, they were abuse. these people say no, we weren't. how do you explain that?
7:48 am
>> part of the subtight of the book is "the prison of belief." and a lot of these people are locked into the idea if they turn their back on scientology, they will lose their eternal salvation and they will do anything to keep in the good graces of the church, including making statements such as that. >> the church reached out to us and provide responses. in general, it calls the book "an error-filled, unsub stance yatd" book. some were removed from their positions for malfeasance years ago and changed their stories repeatedly. do you feel strongly in your reporting that you have an accurate portrayal of the church of scientology and you gave it a fair shot? >> i charge asked all the church questions, again and again, asking its very questions that they are now trying to refute. i spoke to the people who had been at the very highest levels of scientology, the people who had gone to the very top of their spiritual pir mind. these are the experts on the
7:49 am
church and the church itself tried to deal with some of my questions but continually, in a very hostile manner, avoided responding. so i think we have given them as good a chance as they are ever gonna get. >> larry wright, thank you for being with us this morning, telling us about the book. it is called "going clear," hear more from larry wright and paul haggis on "rock center" tonight at 10/9 central time here on nbc. still ahead, can lance armstrong rebuild his public image? we will talk about that and tomorrow with today's professionals. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life.
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we have everything you need, like the petsmart puppy starter kit - a $130 value for only $19.99, including a free bag of puppy food, and training orientation. at petsmart®. right now it's 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. san jose police releasing a new
7:55 am
sketch of a suspect wanteded for an attempted abduction. investigators say this man tried to snatch a 2-year-old boy out of her mother's arms. that mother was able to wrestle her free and run into the house and call police. the abduction attempt happened tuesday afternoon at a home in east san jose. another attempted abduction story. this time in milpitas where police say this man tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy inside the great mall on january 6th. the boy's mother said the man took her son by the hand and started walking away. she quickly caught up to them and was able to grab her son back. good news on that. spectacular news outside. christina loren says it will get real nice. >> it certainly is. good morning to you, jon kelley. cold out there for now. a beautiful shot. hazy here over the bay bridge. nice and clear overhead. that sunshine is going to warm us into the mid 60s in many cities across the bay bridge. i want to thank mark and our technical operations center for
7:56 am
getting us gorgeous sunrises this time of the morning. 62 in livermore. 65 in los gatos. santa cruz will be the warmest beach city over the course of the weekend. touching on the low 70s. meanwhile we're talking about upper 60s inland all weekend long. let's check your drive with mike. >> getting blown out by some of that sunlight that christina is talking about. it's the east shore freeway in your commute direction coming toward us underneath where you can see university avenue over crossing. iconic there. so is slowing. iconic orange and red shows you approaching the bay bridge slow coming south down 880 past the san mateo bridge. west 92 had an earlier incident. it cleared from the span. back to you, jon. >> thank you for the update. thank you for joining us. another local news update for you in 30 minutes from right now. see you then.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8 clock on this thursday morning. it is the 17th of january. we had a little bit of rain in manhattan. it's clear and sunny although a little bit of a chill in the air. al reports we may see some snow showers later tonight. we'll get a forecast in a moment. good morning. i'm savannah guthrie and i'm alongside matt lauer and al roker. >> all right. you know today's professionals are in our studio right now. they're getting all ready to do the segment. one of the topics we'll discuss this morning, what if you hire a wedding photographer, you pay that person good money and then that photographer misses some of the key moments of your wedding, like the first kiss? do you have a right to sue that photographer? we'll pose that question, okay? >> all right. we'll look forward to that. then we have a big star in our studio, kathryn zeet at that jones is here. she's an oscar and tony winner.
8:00 am
she has a new tony project. we'll talk to her coming up. charlie hustle, pete rose, the legend. he had a storied baseball career. he bet on a game and banned for life. what does he think about lance armstrong's confession. he has a brand-new reality show. >> along with his fiance. kianna. >> let's go inside with natalie with a check on all the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah, al. new developments in algeria. ties to al kade at that took dozens of hostages including americans. 20 hostages including americans escaped but militants are claiming algerian helicopters opened fire killing dozens of hostages and kidnappers. some hostages are still held at the remote gas facility in algeria. boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the
8:01 am
u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. it caused al nippon to make an emergency landing. it's under investigation by the federal aviation administration. president obama is facing gop opposition after unveiling his $500 million gun control package. acting in response to the shooting rampage in newtown, connecticut, the president called on congress to ban the sale of military style weapons, smaller clips and have mandatory background checks. the president signed 23 executive actions on the issue. a story that manti te'o's girlfriend has died of leukemia turned out to be false. the linebacker said he is the victim of a hoax calling it incredibly embarrassing to talk about it. te'o said wednesday he developed a relationship with a woman he met online and maintained it
8:02 am
through computer chats and phone calls. te'o also said during the season that the loss of his girlfriend inspired him to help lead the irish to the bcs title game. however, with all of this the woman never existed. te'o said he is the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke. lance armstrong has just been stripped of his 2000 olympic bronze medal by the olympic committee. this is the latest punishment following a u.s. anti-doping report alleging he has used performance enhancing drugs. after years of denial, armstrong confessed to doping during an interview with oprah winfrey that airs tonight. now for a look at what is trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. wrangler is launching something you didn't know you apparently needed. the first pair of moisturing jeans modeled by lizzie jag garr, mic's daughter, the $135 jeans are infused with skin care products that will keep your
8:03 am
legs well hydrated. if that's not amazing enough, they're supposed to help you fight cellulite. yeah, i don't know if i believe that. subway may have bitten off more than it can chew. a concerned sandwich lover posted a picture of its foot long not measuring up to its advertised length. the post got more than 100,000 likes and other sandwich eaters began sending in similar photos demanding an explanation. some are blaming shrinkage. others are saying the bread was never the right length. no response yet from subway. and this is a ponytail only a dad could come up with. the clip is going viral and it shows the newest tool in child hair care. the vacuum cleaner. has to hurt a little bit. 8:04 right now. let's go back to al with a check of the weather. kind of like the flovee. >> yeah, exactly. my dad did that with me. that didn't work. >> that's what happened. >> exactly. now you know the story.
8:04 am
we have nice ladies from utah. >> utah. >> salt lake city. >> you're the mom? >> i'm the mom. >> how many daughters do you have here? >> five. >> five daughters. wow. whose birthday? >> your birthday. >> what's your name? >> marissa. >> thank you. >> let's find out about your weather. let's start with our pick city today. temple, texas, nbc 6. sunny, school, 59 degrees. you see down in the big weather feature is this low pressure spinning in the southeast. it's going to bring a lot of rain, snow in the back side of it. it's a quick mover, that's the good news. some areas in the appalachians could see 6 to 12 inches of snow, 1 to 3 inches of rain in the southeast. air stagnation alerts in the northwest. santa ana winds in southern california today. temperatures in the low 60s throughout much of texas with plenty of sunshine. i like that. >> i was reenacting your weather forecast. >> thank you very much. wind. >> that's what's going o
8:05 am
thank you, al and savannah. good morning to you at home. looking pretty good today. a little bit of haze. it's a spare the air day over san francisco and the bay bridge. you can see the bay actually looking pretty good. you see some ripples out there on the wind, indicative of the winds that are going to pick up throughout the day today. not expecting anything too gusty but more wind than we have had. 62 in livermore. 66 in san jose. 625 in los gatos. if you like the warmer weather, we keep on climbing into the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. al, thank you. we have today's professionals, they will weigh in on a guy who wrote a cover letter for a job said hire me, i'm average. good strategy? we will ask the professionals, coming up next. people love our potpourri parties.
8:06 am
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8:10 am
here to break down the day's hottest headlines, star jones, donny deutsch, in for nancy, susie orman from cnbc's "the suze orman show." thank you, good morning. lance armstrong, tonight is the night, he will admit he used performance-enhancing drugs in his cycling career. in country, we love to make heroes, love to see a fall from grace and we love a resurrection. is america ready for the resurrection of lance armstrong? >> i'm still deal with the legal a ramifications. i think that lance has figured out a way to confess when the statute of limitations is over for the perjury charges so america is not going to feel as if he has actually paid a price. marion jones went to jail for six months. i'm not sure that lance armstrong losing endorsements is the equivalent. >> donny, you are an image guy. what happens to the image once he makes this confession? >> done, over, see you later. i have talked on the show before about what i call the scandal
8:11 am
continuum. certain things as a culture we can forgive. and when you -- if he had just doped and said i did it i am comp pet tivg the years of like, the profuse lying, is -- >> the bullying of other people. >> his image is done. no resurrection. >> i don't think there is a resurrection at all, we were so invested in his fame, we were so invested of the not well guy becoming well and seven times, and it was a lie. >> by the way, unnecessary because it would have been a good enough story for the former cancer patient to even get to the point where he could compete in a tour. >> yeah. >> this is a yuck, a big yuck. >> he is over. he is over. >> lift the ban on his competing in triathlons? should they allow him to compete in the future? >> no. >> he is going to be tainted forever. >> let us move on the president has put forward his proposals for gun control. in advance of that the national rifle association put out a video address the idea that they put forward of putting armed security in schools. the voiceover of the ad says the
8:12 am
following, "are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? "it also called obama an elitist hypocrite. when it comes to citizens getting their fair share of security you you are an ad guy, what do you think of the ad? >> it is disgusting you. nothing to do with politics, bush's twin daughters, i would be saying the same thing. to equate the president's children, who targets from day bun one, not by their own choice, to this argument, the nra has truly lost their mind. this is a disgusting, you will have gar ad. >> the interesting part about it is the president's children, when put in harm's way, will distract the president, which then impacts on the rest of us. why would you even make an ad like that? >> because -- >> i don't understand what their purpose was? >> they are idiots. the truth of the matters is the kids obviously are not more important but they are more in danger. >> absolutely. >> they are a target. so, the nra really -- that was
8:13 am
ridiculous. >> the white house came out and said this ad is repugnant and cowardly. where is the line? can you ever mention or bring up the president's family when making a point over a key issue? >> yeah. >> look, i think they are part of the public discussion. that's what you buy. they understand that. but this is clearly an instance, i don't care that any sane person cannot say? over the line. the nra is just destroying their own brand. >> when you are arguing for assault weapons and multiclip, multibullet clips and put president's kids in the same kind of ad it is never appropriate. you have crossed every line. >> you can talk about the president's kids but make a valid point with it. you can not compare his kids with anybody else's kids. >> apples to alps. this was apples to averages? move on to something much light but i'm interested in your take on this, star. you hire a wedding photographer, to cover your big day, you pay a lot of money. during the big day the photographer misses the key moments, former, doesn't get the
8:14 am
picture of the first kiss. this happened to a couple in australia. does that couple then have the right to sue that wedding photographer? >> probably not sue -- well, you have the right to sue anyone but i would probably not give them the money. i would be mad as the couple. i would reduce the amount of money that i gave the photographer because you have missed key moments. >> isn't it a breach of contract? if i hired a painter to paint my room pink and he painted in polka dots, he didn't get the job right. i ran a business. >> he may have painted a different shade. up the hire a wedding photographer, say in the contract and i will get the picture of the first kiss? >> i don't think it says that in the contract but the photographer knows why he or she has been hired. what i find sad is if they knew that some of the pictures were missed, when did they know, why didn't they just go back and restage them? >> restage the first kiss again? >> matt, you and i as sensitive guys, very offended by that comment. >> i know a little bit something about planning a wedding, you
8:15 am
going to be ticked off if you miss some of those pictures. >> the last one we will call the direct approach, a young, college student wanting an internship at an investment bank writes a cover letter, boy, does this kid take the direct approach. he writes this "i won't waste your time inflating my credentials, feeding you a line of -- he says crap, about my past experiences and skillset that they align perfectly for an investment banking internship. the truth is i have no unbelievably special skills or genius ex-seine tritts but i do have a near-perfect gpa and i will work hard four." would you hire that kid? really? >> i will tell you exactly why. we are now in an age and i think this is a lesson for politician, hear me out, we want the no bs. didn't say i have a near-perfect gpa, obviously, he is credentialalized, i have seen thousands of letters, dear mr. deutsch you refreshing, and guts, i love this kid, hire him on the spot. >> would you hire this person? >> i don't think i would. great, he has got a near-perfect
8:16 am
gpa but he also says i don't have any special skills, i don't have any this. nobody does in college. being honest. >> that's not true, some who have tremendous skills in college who are really out there and innovative. >> real quickly. >> he can't even spell "crap" correctly. i would definitely hot fire him. >> two ps. >> maybe it was for emphasis. >> a. >> a win. it's called wrong. spell it right. >> ladies, gentleman, thank you very much. suze will be back to tackle your money problems. up next though we have oscar winner catherine zeta-jones live in our studio and we will talk to her, after this. faster or slower?etter? [ all kids ] faster! oscar winner catherine zeta-jones live in our studio and we will talk to her, after this. okay. a spaceship. a spaceship. and what's slow? my grandma's slow. would you like it better if she was fast? i bet she would like it if she was fast. hm, maybe give her some turbo boosters. tape a cheetah to her back. tape a cheetah to her back? seems like you have thought about this before.
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8:21 am
>> i get fide take pitch perrers, not think. >> if that woman you put down the bottle for means anything, if the last seven years of your life means anything, walk away. if you think you are investigating adultery, mr. taggert, you don't know nicholass who set nicholas s who st very well. >> catherine zeta-jones, good morning to you. we want to talk about this movie is a good one. first we saw you at the golden globes the other night, you were a presenter which i think would be-racking than as a nominee. you sang your opening line. >> node choice. going to the nerves, i get nervous walking down a red carpet, literally, it's always nerve-racking because you walk into a room and you look around and you know pretty much the whole of your industry is sitting in one room. and so of course you get nervous. i get nervous going to the mall. >> were you is up mosted to sing more than the one line? >> no, no, actually i wasn't supposed to sing at all, the script really was written, do
8:22 am
you heart people sing, so i just went -- i will sing t. >> that's what i wonder. i thought were you debating right to the last minute, do you sing it or say it? >> i prefer to sing anything. >> let's talk about this movie, you star opposite two forces in hollywood, mark wahlberg and russell crowe. >> yeah r >> they are both powerful actors. they seem to go about it in a different way. what's it like? how would you compare them or say they are different? >> the dynamic -- first of all, they are equally extreme professionals, you know? i have known russell since -- for over 21 years. he was actually at my wedding, known him that long, we were starting now the hollywood, all auditioning at the same time, like this ex-pat kind of stuff, all the brits, all the australi australians, all auditioning at the same time, i have known russell many, many years. but they both are extreme professionals. and the way they approach the work is, like mark, is like so quiet. and just -- has a wonderful quality on film that he does nothing but he says so much, you
8:23 am
know? russell is a bit like that russell is much more -- we talk about -- i talk rugby and sports with russell. he is more like a sports bar kind of guy for me. >> one hoft things that atrauktd to this role, i understand it you felt, as i understand it intelligent, a movie that didn't talk down to the audience. >> what i have been doing recently, been blessed, i have been working with great actors, like russell and mark, and great directors, they are movies that doesn't insult your intelligence when you go and pay your money and sit in the theater. a real thinker and once think you figured out the storyline, it twist and turns again. so, and that's really interesting for me and as a cinema girl myself, i just -- that makes much more sense than going, okay, i note ending, how many hours do i have to eat popcorn for? >> every time we catch up with you, i had a chance to see michael not long ago on a shoot, it seems you are constantly going, both of you, with project and yet you are raising children. do you make a deal at home, your
8:24 am
turn, my turn, your turn, my turn? >> exactly, we do. actually, there was one moment when you met michael that i was working at the same time. that was the first time, like ten days that we were both working at the same time. but usually if i'm working, michael's at home or vice versa, because the children didn't ask to be brought into this lifestyle, you know? and i'm adamant about keeping them into a routine, keeping them in school, having their play dates, having their sporting events, having everything that's normal, a give and take situation, but i must say that he's an amazing father and i know that when i'm away, he's -- everything is just fine. >> good hands. >> probably better than me. >> katherine zita joan, the film is
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marla tellez. controversial gun proposal in san jose. the city council will decide whether to require owners of assault weapons to store their guns at the police department in san jose. a san jose lawyer drafted the ordnance. a committee meets every wednesday. it is expected to take up the issue again next wednesday. mike is checking the roads today on this thursday. it's busy out there. >> yeah. thursdays tend to have a little heavier flow than especially a friday. but here in palo alto, southbound 101 looks a lot heavier than we often see. there was an earlier problem on the bay bridge which could have thrown a wrench into the works. drive on the maps, slow south into san mateo. northbound side kicking in out of mountain view into the same
8:26 am
area, pretty congested with all the folks working there off of university. here's the south bay with the northbound routes. the earlier accident at cupertino just cleared. up toward 101, adding to the congestion through that triangle. >> thanks so much. we'll be back in 30 minutes. see you again at 8:56.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we are joined by president dale gilchrest and first lady, emily gilchrest. mr. president, you shall pressing for a set of vote on controversial education reforms. >> look, there's nothing controversial about this bill, just common sense steps, more math and science teachers in the classroom. >> and more support for programs that actually excite kids about learning. >> interesting. mrs. gilchrest, where do you stand on sleeves? >> she is dogged in her pursuit of the truth. that is our own savannah guthrie, asking the tough questions of a fictitious president on the new nbc comedy "1600 penn." you have fun? >> i did. you know how hard it is to play
8:30 am
yourself? i found it to be extremely difficult. >> an odd statement. >> yes it s i was like, what's my motivation? i don't know. just read the lines. >> i know, you're the "today" show anchor. >> it was fun. >> we are going to be meeting one of the stars of that get his critique of your work in just a couple of minutes. >> tonight's episode, right? >> i think it s. >> out on the plaza, matt lauer along with the lady who has a difficult time playing herself -- >> who am i? >> what's my motivation. >> natalie morales and mr. al roker. you know who sells in our studio now? baseball's all-time hits leader, pete rose. he's here along with his fiancee, kiana. they have a brand-new reality show coming out, since pete is here, we will get his perspective, some of the situation involving lance armstrong, i think he will have an interesting take on that we will talk to both of them in a couple of minutes. then, should you tap into your 401(k) to pay your bills? is it more important to save for your retirement or to pay off
8:31 am
your credit card debt? suze orman is going to be back with her patented tough talk for? >> former president bill clinton-be chatting with dr. nancy snyderman about his latest project. but first, a check of the weather. >> okay. for tomorrow, frigid conditions in the northeast, snow around the great lakes, air stagnation alerts continue for the pacific northwest, mild through the south, saturday, more of the same. in fact, matt, doesn't change much, snow showers on the upper great lakes, then on sunday, sunday, we are looking at snow squalls around the great lakes again. arctic express, bitterly cold air starts to push n going to be sunny and cool throughout the southern tier of states. nice and mild in the pacific hey, good morning to you. 8:32. live look, hazy over san jose. a lot of sunshine and a warmer afternoon on tap. temperatures are going to hit the mid-60s. 66 in gilroy. 64 in san jose.
8:32 am
64 in redwood city and san francisco as well. we'll climb into the upcoming weekend. they called the mavericks. that competition taking place on sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. let's get caught up on what's happening with all those folks on the smucker's jar, uncle willie. > how sweet it is to have a birthday party this time of the year. the world is beautiful and smucker's loves it. take a look, if you will. we have the lovely pauline orlando, from carlsbad, california. she is 100 years old today. her secret to longevity you loves the good lord. can't beat that a way to be a winner she likes good food. lucille, you picked a fine time to leave me. lucille o'leary and her cow did not kick the puckett over in
8:33 am
chicago. she is 108 years old today, boca raton, florida one of the nicest towns in the country and she's former flapper. yes, sir, that's my baby and the charleston. and she can still do t hit. harry saltz from the great state of new jersey, i hope they are getting organized, god love them, 100 years old today and good old harry, he loves current events. keeps up all the time. the secret to longevity, never gets angry, never gets mad. he just decks them. no he doesn't. good people. beatrice, always liked beatrice. beatrice from chesapeake, virginia, a retired school teacher, she is, and she love was to sing at the church choir. can't beat that. and marlowe ex103 years old today, loves to play checkers, his favorite game, a lot of fun with his friends today. and dorothy adams, we love her,
8:34 am
from wilmington, delaware, 100 years old today, loves to play words with her friends on the ipad and a good drink after 5 p.m. it is always after 5 p.m. somewhere. we have goldie, isn't that a great name? goldie russell, from the great state of michigan, 100 years old today. her secret to longevity, stay active, keep busy, smile a lot. make people happy and you're happy. now back to the great happy town of new york. >> willard, thank you very much. we are joined by josh gatt, place one of the first children on nbc's new comedy "1600 penn." thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> cameo appearance of savannah guthrie on the premiere of this show, one to 10? >> i would say a 12. we saw a lot of people for savannah's role. to play savannah. she was the only one that really, truly could capture the essence of herself. so we decided what better way to do it than to bring savannah
8:35 am
onto the show we had to break our budge eat little bit. she demanded so much. a lot of personalized cokes and chocolates. m & m's. >> a lot of riders on my contract, tea lights. >> you are phenomenal on the show. we are excite to have you. >> more importantly, you are phenomenal on the show. is a great character. tell us about skip gilchrest, kind of a fun-loving, almost buffoon-like? >> yeah, skip is -- skip is kind of a bull in a china shop. as -- as my stepmother calls him, he's golden retriever. he means well but everything he seems to touch blows up or flies out the window in a flaming chair. so, he is great and it's a lot of fun to play. >> and a physical role a lot of physical comedy. you do it so well. >> there is a lot of physical comedy. i have to fall over chairs. i have to jump around a lot. i have to, i said, throw flaming chairs out of windows but every day is a surprise and every day is a blast. >> you got go to the white house
8:36 am
the other night, right? >> last week i went to the white house with the cast. we got to meet the president. and it was amazing. he gave us a little tour answered comes up to me answered shakes my hand and i had prepared what i wanted to say to him and then his hand comes out answered goes, so how are you feeling today? and i say, well, much better now, mr. president. and i'm not sure what the implication was, like i was having a horrible time prior to that moment but it was one of those moments you are like "inception," you just wanted to take it all back and go to the beginning. i felt badly that was to only comment i could say. >> josh, great to have you here, 1600 penn, an all new episode tonight, 9:30/8:30 central here on nbc. thanks so much. up next, a baseball legend in the house. pete rose is here to tell us about his new reality show and we will get his thoughts on the lance armstrong situation.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 now. pete rose had a legendary career in baseball but the hit king was banned from the sport for betting on games. now he is hoping to show a different side of himself in a brand new tlc reality show. it's called "hits and mrs." and gives viewers a look at his life with his fiancee, kiana kim and her two children. take a look. >> all righty. you guys are going to go into the hall of fame and understand that every baseball player that plays, that's where he wants too end up. >> are you going in with us? >> oh, no, i got to get back to work. i'm afraid if i go in there they might not let me come back out. i'm gonna go in there when they invite me in. have fun. see ya. >> pete rose, kiana kim. good morning to both of you. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> talk about this snow a second. i got to get your perspective on the lance armstrong thing now, he is going to confess he used
8:40 am
performance-enhancing drugs. this is a fall from grace for a storied athlete. you have been there. >> yeah. >> you know. >> yeah. >> you had to admit to like. >> right. >> and you were banned from the sport. what is he facing right now? >>le with, first of all, if he does admit it he is going to take a lead off of his shoulders. >> is that what happened for you? >> i waited too long. anybody that has any kind of problem like that come forward as quickly as you possibly can it gets that load off your shoulders and gets you took recovery with the fans and the people and the country. most of the time, they will give you a second chance. >> that true? because we do like a resurrection story here. were people ready, willing and able to lift you up after that fall from grace? >> some were. some were. but we still work on it. first of all, they have to know you're sincere and they have to know that you step forward and you took responsibility and in my case, i think my fans understand that now i know how i screwed up, okay? and once -- once they figure that out, then they are
8:41 am
following give you a second chance. >> you are still banned from the sport, ineligible for the hall of fame. there is talk that he would like the ban lifted on him competing in triathlons. do you think it should be lifted? >> well, matt, sitting here talking to you, i don't know all the answers to what he really did. i mean, did he cheat the first one or the second one or the fifth one or the sixth one? you know, in baseball, he is there a tipoff on guys that are doing illegal things that you don't dominate any sport after you are 40 years old. none of us. you, me, we don't it do the things 4590 we did at 30. >> a red flag? >> yes, there should be a red flag. he's a great athlete, i guess, i never met lance. i'm glad he is coming forward. i hope it's not too late. >> talk but two, sorry to make you sit there for that reality show, you know, he is 71. you have not told us -- story, you have not told us how old you are. why did you want to do a reality
8:42 am
show? >> i think what mainly attracted me to the she was the fact that it gave me an opportunity to show people who i am, not only as a model and as pete rose's fiancee but i am also a career woman and also my main important job is being a mother. it was very important to show people that >> you are blending families now, you have children, older children, these groups are coming together. why did you want to do a reality show? >> well, i thought it would be fun. tlc is a great network. it's a family network and i want to show a different side of me, because i think most people who meet me think i'm gonna try to knock them down because they saw me knocking second basemen down and knocking catchers down and yelling at pitchers and diving everywhere head first and i'm really not like that anymore. i don't play ball no more. now, if you were trying to make a double play now, matt, i would knock you on your tail. >> look like you could still do
8:43 am
it by the way. >> and kind of neat. last year, one time, i took those two young kids to san diego zoo and the next day i took them to seaworld and the next day i took them to lego land. the next day, i was in a wheelchair trying to keep up with those two kids. it is fun for me. >> got to know your limitations. >> yeah you do. no one told me. >> is this something you get used to having cameras in your faces for a long period of time? >> i don't know about her, but i had them in my face for 29 years i was in the big league he is. >> without a reality show, pete is always in the limelight. you know, people are always interested in his life so we were used to it just from the very beginning. >> kiana kim, pete rose, nice to have you both here and you can catch "hits and mrs." monday nights on tlc. thanks for your perspective. >> i got a ball for you. if you get two of mine, you can get one derek jeter. >> appreciate it. good to see you. up next, former president bill clinton on a project he is passionate about, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
back now 8:47 with education nation today. dr. nancy snyderman hosted a forum in california this week as part of the clinton foundation's health matters initiative. and while there former president bill clinton introduced her to a school that is taking a unique approach to the fight against childhood obesity. >> reporter: as the sunrises over farm country near palm springs, california, farmer bob knight and his team start their day harvesting oranges. >> that is sweet. the kids are gonna love this. >> reporter: but unlike many farmers, he knows exactly where the fruit of his labor is headed. his oranges end up here, on the lunch trays of the kids here at katherine finchy elementary school and other schools in the school district, part of a farm-to-school system, where
8:47 am
locally prepared vegetables are prepared to give kids healthy, tasty options. with the obesity epidemic reaching the country's school kids there is a move tonight transform the eating habits of children and it starts here on the front lines, with school lunches. >> many kids are getting diabetes in elementary school now you so the adult diseases are now hitting elementary school. so, it's really important to have education nutrition. >> reporter: no one feels more strongly about that than president bill clinton. >> a lot of these kids are consuming things high in bull you can and caloric content and low in nutritional value because it's the only thing their families can afford. so the school should you can offering a nutritious meal that is also healthy in the since that it helps them fill their bellies, combat obesity, eat in a more healthy way and give them decent exercise options. >> reporter: supported by the clinton foundation's health matters initiative this unique program supports local farms and local kids. >> what is your favorite kind of apple, you're gonna color it in
8:48 am
with red. >> reporter: and all three school assumes in the district have signed up. it's a win/win situation. at this school, nutrition and exercise are part of classroom teachings, inside and out of the school. now, studies show the kids who learn about healthy lifestyle choices learn more and achieve more. >> it's called skill-based learning, instead of living you in the classroom and people rising vitamin c is in oranges, we have them connect food to t. >> good job. >> good morning, everybody. does anybody know what this thing is right here? >> reporter: today, farmer bob is holding a farmer's market the school where he teaches kids the super powers of fresh fruits and vegetables. >> so, what did you get? what i really slik that i can meet and i can see the kids that actually eat the fruit that i grow. it's really gratifying to be able to say, okay, my kids a mind own school district are eating the fruit that i grow and i can get food back from them.
8:49 am
>> the am tastes really good. >> my favorite part is the carrots. >> i'm starting young to eat healthy when i get older, i will be in shape and be healthy. >> doing a great job. coming up next, suze orman's advice making tough choices when it comes to your money. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "today's money" tough choices in uncertain times. while the government worries about how to pay the country's bills, many americans are trying to figure that out at home. suze orman is here with answers to your problems. good morning, good to see you. >> thank you, savannah. >> all right. let's talk about these uncertain times. people are looking at washington, seeing that these issues aren't being resolved. what should people do in the face of that kind of uncertainty? for example, if you were looking to make a big purchase, is this a good time do it? >> if you have money. if you have an eight-month emergency fund, no credit card debt, you are fully funding your retirement, if you lost your job, everything could still be okay, you want to buy something, buy it. but if you have to buy it right now, put it on a credit card, finance it with a home equity
8:52 am
line of credit, can you just think twice? can you just still be conservative? >> let's talk about paychecks, a lot of people in january may be noticing that their paycheck is smaller. that's because of a reduction in the payroll tax has expired. >> that's right. >> explain that. >> so, forever, one way that we fund social security, all that we tax, our payroll. so, it always was 6.2%. but then when things got rough in the economy, the government said, we will give people a break. we will reduce it by 2%. and then, we would reinstate it when things started to get better. things got better. this is the year it was to be reinstated it came back. >> talking about a difference between 6.2% and 4.2%, but that's real money when it comes to the paycheck. >> real money but not snag they just took away from us, it is something we didn't have they then gave us and they took it away again. so, 2% more from your paycheck is going to go out to pay for things. >> another issue coming up in these hard times, more than one
8:53 am
in four americans, according to a new study, are using their 401(k) or other retirement savings to pay current bills. obviously, this is not a ideal situation. you would never recommend that people do this how troubled are you by this practice? >> i'm really troubled some troubled by it i actually think the government should take away the ability to make loans. i think it should be manned tear that you cannot touch this money until you're 59 1/2 or older. listen, what people don't understand is when they take a loan from their 401(k), they are taking it with money that they never paid taxes on. now they are taking money, it has to be paid back in five years with money they have already paid taxes on to pay it back. when they retire later on in life, they are going to pay taxes again. they have just volunteered for double taxation. i have to get this in. 401(k) plans are protected against bankruptcy. so if you're always playing catch up, don't have enough money, you need to claim bankruptcy, you lost the money in your 401(k) plan if you took a loan from t ridiculous,
8:54 am
people. ridiculous. >> another question people face in these hard times is should -- is it better to pay off a high-interest credit card or save for retirement? >> i personally think it's better, at this point, now i keep changing my mind on this, depending on how banks are doing with credit cards. will they shut you down? will they not? currently, i think you are better off paying off a high-interest credit card than saving because you're getting zero percent in your savings account, may be paying 20% on a credit card, but if you're gonna sure the it down, you are going to pay it off, then pay it down, now you will be in trouble. >> only got 15 seconds for this another study that says young adult nous have more credit card debt than their parents did at the same time in their lives. what do you make of that? >> i have to tell you, i don't think they are going out there and buying things. i think they are using it to pay their bills. >> susie orman, thank you very much. get suze orman's show 9 p.m. eastern and pacific time on cnbc.
8:55 am
we are back after your local news. good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marla tellez. the giants' world series trophies are heading back to the big apple where the giants got their start. in just a few minutes from now, a flight leaving sfo will carry the 2010 and 2012 trophies to new york city. the giants originally played there up until 1957. the event is part of the giants world series tour for its fans. our bob redell is at sfo staying taking care of this. we'll have the latest at 11:00. let's check the forecast with christina. >> the good news keeps on coming. our warm-up right on track.
8:56 am
by this weekend, we are going to peak in the upper 60s. 67 degrees on sunday. hope you have a fantastic thursday. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week.
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we are back with more of "today" on this thursday morning it is the 17th day of january, 2013 and we have a nice crowd and a nice day here in rockefeller plaza. we say hello to them and hello to you. i'm savannah guthrie, alongside al roker, natalie morales. this is matte kearney "hey mama." >> jamming here. >> got ya. >> we always jam. meanwhile, coming up, going show show you high style at low price. some funky fashion finds at $50 or less. and we are going to head into our scene dock right now, from scuffed floors to carpet stains, our mr. fix-it, lou man fer deanny, has fix-it tricks and judging by the back, some merchandise to sell.
9:00 am
>> including getting wine stains out. looking at you, natalie. a little help. >> wow. >> thought i would throw that out there >> what comes around goes around. >> oh oh. >> i'm trying to preempt the strike that's coming shortly here. time for today's take three. let's start our take one with this incredible story out of notre dame. probably heard about it. start with hot player is manti day yoerk the superstar linebacker. won every defensive award in college football you could at north dame. second in the heisman. part of his story, part of the reason his story was so compelling the last several months is that his grandmother died and then reportedly, his girlfriend died within the span of a day or a couple of days, depending on what report you read. turns out the girlfriend never existed. woman who was supposedly named lennay kekua was the figment of someone's imagination or a sick joke, depending on how ask., a sports website, broke this story. guys this boils down to two things, too deep and lowered their explain now, but do you
9:01 am
believe he was the victim of a hoax or do you believe that he cooked up this story to create a narrative around himself? and if you believe that why would he go to such lengths to do that? >> how do you have a girlfriend for over a year that you've never met? you have apparently just had an emotional relationship over the phone and online? i just don't by that. he seems like a nice young man, seems like a great guy. but whether his friend cooked this up and went along for a ride for a little bit and got picked up everywhere, i don't know how it boiled around. we will hear more from deadspin, they are reporting more on this today, seems like it just doesn't make sense. >> it is strange. even if you believe him 100%, that he thought he had this girlfriend, i guess at main mum, did he perpetuate this was a great loss to him, equating it perhaps with the loss of his grandmother, getting a lot of sympathy, kind of flag to the hit when according to his own
9:02 am
story, he would have known, all right, i haven't ever met this person. so, i don't know, i think it is an odd story. >> the whole thing is so confusion. you keep reading, the more read it, it makes less and less sense. >> makes less and less sense, i think, that he wouldn't question that it didn't make sense. >> that's the thing that's hard to believe for me, he is a smart, young guy, he's senior in college, not like he is just out of high school, he is media savvy, been at north dame, the public eye. >> the star player at north dame. >> a smart guy. to go along with this that long, it just sort of defies belief that he didn't in some way know what was happening. >> apparently, he found out about this hoax back in early december before the bcs game and all of this but yet continued, i believe, he said the whole reason was the emotion and all of that allowed him to push him through that game. >> or could have been the embarrassment.
9:03 am
if you believe the hoax farther of it he was duped and lead down this prim rose pass. >> we are getting word he may speak today, whether a press conference. take two the "american idol" premiere, ryan seacrest yesterday about the 12th season premiering. >> who watched? anybody watch? >> did you guys see it? >> natalie is our expert. >> give us a report. >> what we were looking for -- >> as we expected. >> sparks between nikki minaj. >> all about nikki mirage and mariah carey. >> and right away, we knew it was going to be an interesting couple of days. >> nikki's got drum major hat here. nikki marriage some fun -- >> dawg. >> like we can have access source, i didn't know that was allowed. that is the last thing i'm gonna say. >> don't. don't. >> last thing i'm gonna say. >> i love the. what i do >> thank you. but why did you have to reference my hat? >> in the elevator are, you aukt as though i was looking at the hat in a way. >> accident say you were looking at the hat. >> stop looking me up and down, mariah. >> i told you i was admiring the
9:04 am
hat. >> why "american idol" i think -- >> going to get old fast. >> it creases to be about the contestants and the singers, it is more about the judges. enough about the judges. >> about the hat specifically. and the hair. >> i'm telling you you nicki minaj with all her facial expressions, she is gonna have -- about all over the air and all over gifts -- the gif files and everything, people creating things, her weird, whacky, cartoonish facial expressions. >> did you think it was kind of put on for the camera or did you -- >> some of it. i mean, the whole thing was "mean girls" all about "mean girls", the two were the bicker as soon as the whole time but you get a sense they are sort of doing it for show. but yet, i don't get the sense they are best friends. they are not hanging out behind scene. >> it is contrived, people will start to see through very quickly. we will see.
9:05 am
our take three toddlers do tinseltown. photographer trisha mezzaro specializes in recreating specialty pictures with toddlers and young kids. she did it with you guys last year? >> really? >> now take october a-listers from -- >> what kids? >> we will show those in a second. >> amnesia? >> very memorable for you, savannah. let's look at halle berry on the red carpet, okay? now let's look at the creation of trisha mezzaro. recreated with -- >> so cute. >> adorable. >> they got together, they watched the looks and then immediately sunday night into monday morning, they recreated these photographs and got them out there. >> that girl is adorable. >> stacy keibler, we saw them look great on the red carpet. see the kids now, the kids' version here. kids' version? >> kids version? >> very daerp. >> very similar dress. what i love is they got very close to the dresses, too. then we have lucy lui and her big floral dress. you remember that whether you like it or not.
9:06 am
here is the kid version. she is cute. >> very sweet. >> how about anne hathaway. >> anne hat away. >> the kids. >> the minianne h anne hat away. >> a dead ringer. >> you get the idea. kerry washington, taylor swift, do we have the photographs of our dear friends here, savannah, toddlers? >> maybe it will come back to me. >> they did us on the show, guess. >> well, they did you guys on the show. >> i will taken your word for it. >> remembered it, wonderful, stay with you always. there is halle berry. >> a bonus take. al, you take this one. i will not endorse it. tuesday, i gave will lay brand new nickname on tuesday. check it out. >> and that is your latest weather from chicago. natalie, woody -- woody? [ laughter ] >> who's that now? >> woody. i like it. >> al -- >> i will go with woody, too.
9:07 am
>> al, i have been on the show for three months now. >> meet buzz lightyear. >> so is this the woody? >> is there a resemblance. >> i'm telling you. >> need to do a split screen. >> can we get a split screen? >> dead ringer. dead ringer. >> look at that. >> where's -- there's a snake in my boot. >> where do you see it? >> right there. >> dead ringer. now take a split screen with him wearing the costume. >> what you didn't see later in that clip was natalie looked at me and said you do look like a big woody. i thought what an inappropriate thing to say on morning television. it. it i did not say big. >> yes, you did. >> you did. you did. >> i was at the airport still laughing about that. it was fantastic. >> i said you looked like a woody. >> that's much better. >> much, much better. now i'm starting to see it. >> there is a resemblance.
9:08 am
>> you there go >> you are a very strange little man. >> the same coloring and everything. exactly. >> really? really? >> now we know what you can be for halloween. are you going to be able to do the news? >> i answer now to willie or woody, or -- how about a look at the news? >> thank you. more serious topics now, thanks, everyone. in the news this morning, new developments in a violent hostage situation half a world away involving americans. islamic militants with tie its to al qaeda took dozens of foreigners hostage in algeria in a natural gas complex. at least three americans are among them. this morning, one algerian offless said 20 hostages, including americans, escaped. in a separate report, militants claimed dozens of the hostages and kidnappers were killed in an algerian helicopter air strike. the militants say they were acting in retaliation for the french military operation in mali. boeing dream liners are temporarily grounded in the u.s. this morning on orders from the
9:09 am
faa. the boeing 787s have been plagued by problems, including battery fires and fuel leaks. the faa wants to make sure the battery problems have been resolved before letting the planes fly again. dream liners have also been grounded in japan, india and now in europe. united is the only airline here in the u.s. that had been flying the 787s. today, the president of the nra is dismissing president obama's proposals to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines saying it makes you feel good but it doesn't do much. on wednesday, the president said he plans to put everything he's got into gun control, setting the stage for what is expected to be an uphill battle in congress. among his other proposals, a ban on military-style assault weapons and a mandate for universal background checks. the nra says it is generally supportive of stronger background checks. president obama's likely to name deputy national security adviser denny mcdonough to be his next chief of staff. he would replace current chief
9:10 am
of staff jack lew, who has been nominated to become treasury secretary. and more fallout for lance armstrong, who admitted this week to you a using performance-enhancing drugs to win seven tour de france titles. today the international olympic committee stripped armstrong of the bronze medal he won in the 2000 olympics in sydney. he had he will earlier been stripped of his tour de france titles. in russia, a firefighters climbing a ladder to reach the fourth floor where people were trapped, a massive chunk of ice and snow fell from the roof and it slammed into him, as you saw there. other firefighters rushed to help him. they got all the of the people out of the building. the firefighter was not hurt by the fire or the snow, thankfully. and a new video is getting lots of attention online. some are calling it mission
9:11 am
impossibaby? [ "mission impossible" theme ] ♪ one way too get to that candy, i guess. some say it looks like an arcade claw game. others say it could be maybe a young tom cruise in a onesie. it is now 12 minutes after the hour. there he goes, in for another one. your aup to date for now. >> we have reached the point in society people are having babies just to use them in youtube videos as props. a good prop in my next video. thanks, natalie. >> get a check of the weather? >> you betcha. tell you what we've got for you. starting off, we have southern and mid-atlantic city, winter storm warning and winter weather advisories all the way from jackson, mississippi, up into atlantic city. ? a fast-moving storm system. that's the good news, because if was a little slower, it would dump a ton more snow. as it is, we are talking about six to 12 inches of snow in the appalachians over the next 24
9:12 am
hours. one to three inches generally and rainfall from this thing from northern georgia into south carolina. could be anywhere from two to fo 9:13 on a thursday morning. temperatures are still cold but the cold snap concludes today. 45 degrees right now in gilroy. 39 in san jose. over the course of the next three hours, we stop the clock right at noon, we'll be at 60 as you break for lunch in san jose. rounding out the day, in the mid-60s. 66 degrees right here in san jose. 64 along the east shore in fremont. 64 degrees in san francisco. the you've been waiting for the warmer weather, it has arrived. it's going to continue all the way through the upcoming weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks a lot. up next, fun fashion finds for 50 bucks or less. can you believe that? >> that's great. >> less. >> me, too. miss, this seat's available. (sighs) this is too good to be true. hi. john stamos.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
this morning on today's consumer, fashion finds for under 50 bucks. we have got some of the best bargains from major stores. patrice william sass fashion blogger. her website is called looking fly on a dime. patrice, good morning. >> good morning. >> well, we obviously know you for your expertise and being able to find thrifty but fashionable items, you shopped the department stores and find five things you ray is must-haves. >> i scoured all the major department stores from high end to budget friendly and i found a ton of pieces all under $50. would you never believe that they are this affordable. >> let start with this. this is your faux fur coat and you found this at jc penney stores? >> yes. i would love a coat or any item that has a lux for less feel. sometimes when something is faux, it looks and feels faux, this feels so soft and it's amazing, this coat obviously comes in burgundy and black, something more subdued but great for a night out if you want to ditch the regular pea coat or wool coat a glamorous feel for
9:17 am
it. >> dress it down, too, with jeans and a t-shirt? >> skinny jeans are perfect, and i love it doesn't feel faux but has an amazing file to it and feels super soft. >> looks warm, too. okay. great. let's move on over here to jewelry. you found some great jewelry all under 50 bucks from bloomingdale's. >> a lot of people associate bloomingdale's with being extremely expensive. they do have a lot of high-end pieces, but everything here is $50 and under. actually, the most affordable piece in this segment came from bloomingdale's which is kind of surprising for a lot of people. these earrings are only $28. >> wow. >> 28 bucks. i thought there was a typo in the price tag, like a zero was missing or something but these are just $28. drop earrings have such a classic, sophisticated look for them. some statement necklaces, which are great and bangals, range from $28 to $50 at bloomingdale's. >> you see a lot of those gems and the faux gems everywhere, a trend. >> colorful. we all know that accessories are
9:18 am
a quick ray way to dress up any look. >> these brocade shorts, which you are wearing as well in a different color. >> i am. >> another great item to have. wear them with winter, you see with the tight, or summer. >> i love this print so much, people think affordability means tough sacrifice on detail, you obviously don't. these have a floral had brocade print. i love them so much but i had to wear them. demonstrate how you can wear them in winter time. i have them with tights, nice and warm, still on trend. once the weather gets a little warmer, go with the bare leg a lot of women are confused how to wear shorts in the wintertime, you just treat them the same i you do a skirt or dress. >> wear them with leggings. >> legs or tight, good to go. come in silver or gold, neutral, you can wear them we having. >> let's move to these flats found and green is the big pan tone color of the year. found them here. they are real leather, right? >> 100% leather, from target. kind of surprising for some people but the cap toe detail,
9:19 am
adds a fun detail for flats which some people think flats are boring they don't have to be. a great cap toe, on trend. >> real quickly here, this black and white dress which of course, black and white we sunt red carpet, big trend? >> a huge trend for spring, saw it on the runways and the golden globe red carpet. this dress is just $29.95. and of course, you see that it has stripes but since they are vertical it along gates the figure and tapers in at the waist. it really flatters. >> giving her shape. pat tris williams, thanks so much. and from scratches to stains, lou manfredini has tricks to get them out, after these messages. the door's open! let's make a break for it!
9:20 am
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like your very own sizzlin' steak, egg white & cheese. amazingly under 200 calories. want green peppers, red onions on toasty flatbread? oh, you so got it made. ♪ at subway soming up, actor gabriel makt from the hit series "suits." >> and cooking recipes in foil. but first, your local news and weather. >> and cooking reci. but first, your local news and weather. "suits." >> and cooking recipes in foil. but first, your local news and weather. the pull-ups team told the krumme family, we were filming a potty training video. oh! what was that?
9:24 am
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9:25 am
good morning. it's 9:26. i'm marla tellez. this morning, a new sketch of a suspect who almost ripped a young girl right out of her mother's arms in san jose. take a look at this sketch. investigators say this man tried to snatch the 2-year-old girl from her own front lawn at a home in east san jose near white and aborn. the mom was able to wrestle her free and run back inside her home to call police. the mom says the man smelled like automotive oil. police are warning the public about this man who they say tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy. it happened on january 6th inside the great mall. the boy's mother says the man took her son by the hand and then just started to walk away. luckily she was paying attention and quickly caught up and got her son back. after the break, we'll take a look at the forecast and also check the commute with mike. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
9:26 am
i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant welcome back. the time now, 9:28. taking a live look, a little hazy over san francisco.
9:27 am
it looks like as we head throughout the day today, we're going to keep the sunshine. but it is a spare the air day. that layer of haze will get a little bit thicker by the end of the day. 39 degrees in san jose. 40 in gilroy. temperatures climbing nicely everywhere except for santa rosa. they're at 30 degrees. that's because they actually have some fog lingering at about a quarter mile of visibility. give yourself extra time to reach your destination safely. the fog will clear by about 11:30. we should see completely clear skies everywhere across the bay area. 65 degrees in gilroy. temperatures keep climbing in the upcoming weekend. lots of sunshine and a little hazy but warmer, 67 degrees on sunday. let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> to our friends in santa rosa, watch that drive on 101. things loosening up on 880. no major accidents but we have a lot of slowing heading up into
9:28 am
downtown here and now the approach, 580 and 880, slow up toward oakland. the eastshore freeway finally showing a break. 680 and heading to the fremont funnel. >> we'll be back at 9:56 with our next local news and weather update. we'll see you then.
9:29 am
i have a wanted to be an actor since i was a little girl and i've worked for a really long time the. i've auditioned and struggle and fought and been on the sidelines for years. >> that was jessica chastain after the wing the golden globe for her best actress performance in ""zero dark thirtzero dark "" she has a new movie coming out, "mama" it is freaky looking. gabriel macht plays a dapper lawyer on the hugely popular cable show "suits," back for its third season. talk to him about what we can expect as season two wraps up. >> look forward to talking to him. we have done it spilled a little wine on the carpet, stained countertop. secrets now to getting those stains out from the handyman of all handymen. >> a chris kimball this is our
9:30 am
handyman, lou manfredini. join us in a few minutes. >> speaking of chris kimball. >> and kitchen counter tops. >> right. well, chris kimball is going to take us to school. cooking in foil with recipies for pat roast, chicken and -- >> the hobo pack. >> my mom still does that still cook like that first, a check of the weather for us. >> absolutely. show you what's going on. first of all, starting for our weekend, friday, we are looking at frigid conditions in new england. cool conditions in the southeast. lake effect snow showers around the great lakes, clippers come across. air stagnation continues in the pacific northwest, mild in the southwest, we have got the snow and wind continuing around the great lakes. it will be cold here in the northeast. then sunday, sunday, look for moore snow squall nuts eastern great lakes, the arctic express comes in with bitterly cold air moving into the plains, eventually spread south and east, look for mild conditions in the southwest, texas on into
9:31 am
the time now, 9:32. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a great-looking day shaping up, finally. we are going to conclude the cold snap. temperatures are going to be in the 60s, above average in some cities. 62 in livermore. 65 in gilroy. and 66 in san jose. we keep that climb going for the weekend. that means you can make your outdoor plans now. and it's going to be nice all the way through monday of next week when temperatures drop off just a little bit. we'll increase your cloud cover and maybe a few showers wednesday into thursday. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up next, quick tips for getting rid of stains, so spots and scratches, courtesy of lou manfredini, after this. o spots and scratches, courtesy of lou manfredini, after this. spots and scratches, courtesy of lou manfredini, after this. spots and scratches, courtesy of lou manfredini, after this. ♪
9:32 am
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of regular low-fat yogurt mmm huh. i want an oikos! dannon oikos greek non-fat yogurt... too delicious to be so nutritious. dannon this morning on do-it-yourself today, getting those stubborn stains and scuffs out. you spilled a little wine on the carpet, you scratched up the floor, dragging a piece of furniture. so, now what do you do? lou manfredini, host of "how smart," show us how to save us from ourselves. over the holidays, you had people over, relatives, a little messy with the wine on the carpet? >> something that.
9:36 am
happens all the time, a party going, make a stain. red wine on the carpet, worried, oh, my gosh what are we going to do? this is a product called gonzo wine out. i don't know how it works. watch when you spray this, don't panic, don't do anything about it take the product and spray it watch how it changes the color, can you get in close there? look at that it is neutralizing the color, okay? look how it is disappearing. put a little more on there, it turns gray first, go ahead, douse it you are done. >> okay. good. >> stop that. >> i was reaching for the cabernet. >> now, take a dry couldn't rag over the top and just push down and blot it. what this is going to do, stuck that stain out of it you will see it's gone. then a damp rag over the top of that. >> now, does that works if the's been settled for a little while, the next day? >> it will. you may have to reapply it. here is the thing, at the end of your party, take a good scan. if someone spills wine and you don't know what to do everybody immediately comes at it with 409 or fantastic. that will stain the carpet.
9:37 am
this stuff's terrific. >> not just for carpeting but tablecloths as well? >> linens, clothing even, if that happens. >> a tough one, you stain your countertop, stone counter tops, don't want to rue went countertop. what is the move? >> a product from sci, a stone poltus. put a couple scoops in there. a little water in there you will mix this up into a little paste, almost like a heavy pancake batter. over the top of the stain, you're going to place it right on top, plop it on top of there, then put plastic wrap around it and tape it down so that this little clay mixture starts to wick the stain out. you also want to take some foote picks and poke a hugh holes in this, this will dig down, grab the oil, whether it is salad or dressing or could be grape juice that the kids left behind or even wine. it is going to suck the stain out. when you scrape this away with a plastic putty knife, you may see a wet patch once it dries. your countertop came back to life. >> just cling wrap you put over
9:38 am
the as soon as possible leave it overnight? >> leave it overnight. >> good. this is basic fabric stains, spill coffee, something on your shirt. what do you do? >> just a little bit, take it easy there, woody. >> heavy hand. >> you spilled coffee on your shirt. >> get it in there, a little bit. >> that is a lot of coffee, you are really quite messy when you drink your coffee. >> see that? >> wow, like a pool. >> little bailey's in there. >> this product, shout, around forever, still works great. these wipes, what i love about these wipes, you literally dot down, back and forth this is gonna save you and they are gonna save the fabric. april, who is one of the set designers, says she saved her friend on her wedding day, spilled spaghetti sauce all over her wedding dress, with these wipes she had in her purse this is something you can keep in a purse in a glove box, in the wintertime, stick it in a coat, doesn't -- you apply that a couple times, with a clean rag to wipe it in, it will come out. >> certain fabric it is works
9:39 am
better on than others? >> don't try ton a lynn, into the going to work on that, works great on couldn't and cotton blend he is. the product still works and terrific. >> inexpensive. >> put it in your pocket. >> another big one. you drag a piece of furniture across the room, scuff up your floor, you think forever. >> my favorite flooring option 'cause it is the only renewable option when it comes to flooring, hardwood floors a couple of options, minute wax has all of these blend stick and little pencils you can use for deep down scratches, actually use these and work in the scratches back and forth to fill those in. but when you lose the shine, they also make a product called reviver. this floor polish, you sprinkle some of the polish on like that okay? they offer a sin threat hillsborough county sheepskin, do the same thing with the reviver from min wax go over the top of the finish, what this will do is fill in all the little scratches that the dog leaves on there. it's going to also bring that shine back this is a water-borne
9:40 am
finish, these guys make the polish on most of the nba courts, the finish that's on there they know what they are doing. you put this on, go out for a nice long lunch. when you come back, those little scratches are gone and the shine is back, you didn't have to spend all this money refinishing the floor professionally. >> this comes, lou, after the you filled in the scratch? >> after you filled in the scratches or markers, do this. >> sorible, ima he a terrible houseguest. i spilled. >> really quite messy. >> lou manfredini, thanks. from the show "suits," actor gabriel macht, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
drink new lipton and you'll be surprised how great you feel. ♪ grab brie y'all macht place the hotshot attorney harvey specter in "suits" on usa. tonight is the beginning of the second half of the season our sister station, usa network. good to see you. >> nice to sigh. >> pretty exciting. with when last saw harvey, there was a power struggle at the firm and still repercussions being felt about this? >> yeah. hardman, who is the hardman of the hardman pearson, which is the named partner of the firm,
9:45 am
we've basically kicked him out. jessica has the power again and these next six episodes were leading up to harvey trying to get his name on the door. >> now, for folks who aren't familiar with the show, explain the premise. you, as this lawyer, i mean, you are a fully, you know, registered lawyer, you hire a guy to come in but turns out he is not a lawyer but everybody thinks he is. >> right, he is a brainiac. he is -- he retains all this information and he's one of the best associates out there he is just not a real lawyer. so, that's pretty much our hook. >> there you go. now, and i understand that tonight's episode has a special guest star. >> yes. well, where we left off last episode, mike is reeling from sleeping with a married woman. now, harvey, in this episode is trying to sleep with an unmarried woman who is actually married woman who is my wife, in real life. >> a-ha. >> that was a lot of fun.
9:46 am
>> jacintha barrett. have you worked together before? >> we were in a film called "middle men" didn't work together. didn't have scenes together. there she is. >> sparks fly in this? >> i think a lot of sparks fly. she is looking gorgeous and we had a lot of fun working together. >> now she is working on another show and i've been home doing dad duty, which has got to be terrific? >> there is nothing better. i have a 5-year-old and i am -- i am so much better at making magical wands and stick figures and taking her to ballet than i am as harvey. but tonight is what the show is about, right? >> absolutely. it is all about the show tonight. this show, i mean, the people love this show. what is it about it that you think makes it so special? >> i think week to week, there's storylines that are going on that directly relate to what's going on in the character's lives. and you know, the bromance is a big part of it.
9:47 am
people are into this witty back and forth banter. and then these characters go into really deep place and i think people are really replay the lathing to it. >> everybody on the show is so unattractive. >> isn't it amazing? >> very hard to watch. >> crazy. >> gabriel macht, thank you so much. coming up, you can see "suits" tonight at 10/9 central on usa network. up next, fast moves for busy families without the mess. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
. >> announcer: today's cooking school is brought to you by lipton tea. drink new lipton tea and you will be surprised how great you feel. this morning on today's cooking school, meals in minutes minus the messy cleanup. we are looking,cook in foil, a technique that goes all the way back to the 1950s. chris kimball from "america's
9:50 am
test kitchen." >> depressing, all the way back to the 1950s? i was there some of this were there. >> yes, we were. >> okay. tell me what it was like, chris? >> i don't remember. but -- >> pitch pers first started flying through the air. >> these are old classics i. >> this is 1960, i hate to cookbook by peg blacken, does a lazy cook's pot roast. the whole notion, all the recipes are cooking in foil. you don't have to add a lot of lick kwarkd a lot of flavor, cooks nice, low and slow. great technique stolen from 1960 cookbook called i hate to cook. >> you can dump everything into one place. >> olive oil. >> one place. seal it up and cook it cook it at 300 degrees for quite a while. but the notion was onion soup mix in 1960, which we are not gonna do we are going to take our own mix. >> get to our stakes. >> unusual stuff. espresso powder, light brown sugar, salt, person, garlic salt, we also have thyme and we also have cornstarch.
9:51 am
>> yes, sir. what kind of meat are we working with here? >> a chuck roerks we found if we cut it in half and typed, cook faster a bunch of vegetables here, we will put at the bottom. >> what are you using there, carrots, onions, potatoes? >> exactly, a little soy cause sauce on it, it has glutamates, which means it has a lot of meat flavor. >> okay. >> on top. now i will do this don't want to get your hands dirty. >> i want to get my hands dirty. >> you do? >> let me help you. come on. so we rub in this deep. >> rub that in deep. >> go deep. >> a good rub here. >> go deep. these right. >> right into the foil with it? okay. we will just put this in an oven for 300 over torn four and a half hours, low and slou slow, comes out, what you get. right here, you get a really tender pot roast, you get all the vegetables. oddly enough, the vegetables
9:52 am
don't overcook. which is a little mystery. >> i will sample and move on to al. i eat your beautiful roast. >> same concept for using eight-ounce cod fillets, use seabass, use swordfish, taking a bunch of vegetables this is fennel. we have zucchini. we have basil. we have some scallions. and a little tiny bowl, try to get it in there. >> garlic. >> white wine in the bowl, salt and pepper, mix that up a little bit. like that. now, these are good -- these are good cheap kitchen tools. >> that's right r >> we take about a quarter and we will put it right on top of the fish. like that >> cod in itself doesn't have a lot of flavor right? >> not a lot of flav but has good texture, take this over the top like that >> anything with the butter? >> put butter on it if you like. there's al, hey, where's the butter? come on, let's go.
9:53 am
olive oil, if you want. >> steam notice own, right? >> this goes into a very hoot oven, 450 oven for 15, 20 minutes. >> finally, over here -- >> you there go >> when you open it up, perfect -- >> voila. >> christmas for al. >> then here, we have got chicken. >> merry christmas, al. now we have economic-we have carrots, fennel, we have a little bit of salad dressing with shall lots and some thyme. and then we are gonna mix this up just a little, going to put half of this over the vegetable mixture and half over -- this is two oranges worth of orange segments, okay? then going to mix this up, mix this up. to so we will make a bed of these vegetables here. >> the crunchier ones on the bottom right? >> take a little of those, put them in there. >> sure, you got t okay. >> okay. >> then we will take, four chicken breast, about six ounces. >> what is the lay berg, chris,
9:54 am
why do you layer them? >> you have the oranges on top, respect going to need cook, underneath, the juices and chicken go down. >> oranges on top, salt and pepper? >> salt, person. >> how long in the oven? >> 25 minutes, 450 oven. >> 450, 25 minutes. stay nice and juicy. chris kimball, thanks so much. up ahead, instant ambush makeovers kathie lee and hoda. >> after your local news. >> thanks, woody. >> yeah, chow down. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure
9:55 am
to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. good morning. it's 9:56 now. i'm marla tellez. right now, the board of pilot commissioners is meeting for the first time since a tanker crashed into one of the towers at the bay bridge. the board's agenda does not include the crash, but board members could talk about the january 7th incident. it was foggy when that tanker sideswiped a tower on the bay bridge. there are reports that faulty
9:56 am
navigation equipment could have led to the crash. the meeting is happening right now in san francisco. right now, let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good-looking day shaping up. hazy sunshine. temps are going to ramp up into the low to mid-60s. through friday, talking about temperatures closer to 70 degrees in many of your south bay cities. the warm-up continues as we head through saturday. we're going to peak 70s at some beach cities. comfortable weather over the next 72 hours. then things start to change. enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. 66 in january, unusually warm in gilroy for today. 65 in los gatos and 6 65 in san francisco. over the weekend, climb even more so. over the middle of next week, maybe a stray shower late wednesday into thursday. let's check on your drive. >> the bay bridge, a quick look at the back-up, about midway to the parking lot. we had a tough start but things playing out smoothly after that. let's look at the maps.
9:57 am
oakland looks much nicer than half an hour ago. clearing up nicely in the northbound direction. 580 no longer south through oakland. south 880 is an issue. congestion out of fremont. 680 much clearer now. here's the south bay. north 101 and west 237, really jamming up after a couple of accidents cleared. another one north in palo alto is recovering. >> thank you so much. we'll be back with our next news and weather update in 30 minutes. see you at 10:26.
9:58 am
9:59 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is really thirsty thursday. it is january 17th. 20 days for us to go. on this ridiculous quest of ours. >> this is only day ten? day ten of no alcohol on the show, which means 20 days. we decided we were going to do a little poll ask ask you guys if you thought you could give up alcohol for a month, and this is what you said. 75% said yes. i could give it up. i'm not a big drinker. 20% said no, i need to have at least a fwlas of wine once a day. 5% said does the red wine at church count? >> we don't have real wine at our communion.
10:00 am
it's grape juice. so if anybody has some sort of a drinking issue, they can take communion. yeah -- >> i went on our friend jimmy fallon's show last night. >> how were you, hodie? >> i was all excited to talk about the book and stuff, but i think jimmy had something else in mind that he wanted to talk about, so let's take a listen. >> you guys are looking fantastic on the cover of this magazine. you are going through a rough time. you're going through a rough time right now on the fourth hour of the "today" show. >> this came at a price, this cover. >> it really did. >> it was bad. >> you're not drinking the whole month. >> the worst decision -- no -- we have ever made. >> ever. >> i'm watching your drinking segment before this, and i'm feeling parched. >> that includes our first two marriages too. worst decision. >> ba, dum bump. >> how was our jimmy? precious? >> i have a little crush on him. >> i know. we all do. >> he is just lit from inside, this guy, and it's just such a
10:01 am
treat to go on. you tape it early, so it's not as late at night, but -- can i just say? i just want to say a couple of things. you look great with your haircut. you just got it done. number two, thank you for a really great lunch yesterday. kath threw this terrific lunch yesterday at michael's, and i have to tell you, it meant so much. we had a lot of fun. >> we did. look at the cake. >> there were about 20 people. >> that was christine's doing. i'm telling you. she found a place that would make it look exactly like the cover of your book. >> meredith came. >> look at the table full of crazies. >> at michael's they do a beautiful job. >> al, savannah, and -- >> everybody that wasn't there couldn't be there because they were all working. >> you did -- it was so great. >> that was britney's wine in front of britney. >> boozers at the end. tammy and sara. >> can i give a shout-out, a thank you -- >> mark. jen miller's husband. >> jen miller's husband, and there was a woman nailed yvette, and she really went through all this trouble to make these
10:02 am
cookies. it's can you get anything. >> anything. >> the cookies taste good. sometimes when you get these kind of things, they're not great. these are delicious. custom >> well, i'm glad for you, hodie? how are you doing? when your book first comes out, you don't sleep. >> i went to the book review last night in huntington, and i went to talk to people, and this is what people gave me. i think we showed the picture a second earlier. bottles and bottles and bottles of wine. they showed up with wine. i couldn't believe it. look, back in my kitchen. i'm, like, i can't wait for my next book signing. >> you won't get any more nasty looks when you go to the bookstore to buy wine. hoda was having a guest. a guest. this one woman said, oh, no, no, no, you put that down. >> you know who else can't have any wine right now? shakira. she has unveiled her baby bump. she's adorable.
10:03 am
>> she really is. >> it's a twitter photo taken with her boyfriend spanish soccer star, aren't they all, gerrard pique. she is an ambassador for unicef, for united nations, and so she's organized a virtual baby shower and asks fans instead of giving her and her unborn baby stuff, that all the money will go to babies around the world. >> that's sweet. >> you can purchase items like mosquito nets, vaccines, food for children that don't eat enough on a daily basis. i think it's a lovely way for her to share the joy of everything she's experienced because that baby -- i remember when my kids were born. i just remembered thinking -- and we were building a home for crack babies. i thought just the random nature of birth, how children are born into health and prosperity and love and the other child by just being born, you know, with a crack addiction or an hiv positive status. she's doing something lovely. >> i love that. i love that. all right. speaking -- that's kind of fun
10:04 am
to celebrate. this is kind of a cool idea to celebrate that -- this is called toddlewood. this is adorable. what they do is take grown-up people, and then they put in a little kid wearing their exact same outfit. >> they did that with us with the little kids. didn't they, hoda? >> we certainly, certainly did. >> it's adorable. >> here are some of the photos. look at the split screen. there's ann hathaway. they did lucy lu. >> look at that. >> lucy looks like a little doll anyway in that outfit. >> taylor swift. >> who i thought looked sensational. >> they're really very mature dresses. >> check out halle barry. >> oh, my -- with the wave and everything. and how about george clooney and stacy keebler? >> very cute. >> i remember the good old days. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. >> this is one of those things
10:05 am
that i'm sure this woman regrets. she wanted to -- >> i don't know. i don't know. it's working out well for her. >> she wanted to sell an item of clothing on ebay, so we wanted to take a picture of it, so before we show it to you. she decided she was going it take a photo of it, and she didn't realize that she was in the reflection of the photo of the dress. >> so she sent it off. >> she sent it off to ebay, and it was posted all over. well, if you can see, we've put a little black strip where the sun don't shine, but she was standing there bottomless. >> is that a bra, or is that -- >> might be. was she all the way naked? >> she took the picture not knowing and apparently got lots of attention. they quickly pulled the item down, and then she resubmitted the dress without her in it. >> it went from $25 to $200. >> the price skyrocketed. >> throw in a little porn. >> that is so bad. >> do you walk around naked? >> well, sometimes. >> you have big windows in your
10:06 am
apartment. >> i risk it. i risk it. i risk it because i think to myself, oh, my god, my purse is right there. do i sprint and grab it and run back or do i go find a robe, where is it, is it on the chair, on the top of the -- >> you don't know where your robe is. it's up on the shelf with your -- >> it's kind of a fun little game. you go one, two, three, go, get it, back. i don't have curtains because that's how my apartment is. >> now you've shown all your neighbors for a really rouzing good time. stay tuned to that window in that building and see hoda woman. >> hey, baby. let's play a little music. let's try this one. you know why you're going to like it -- this is a dixie chicks song. >> i do like them. >> do you? >> this one is called "there's your trouble." it's a little old, but i think it puts you in a good mood. let's go ahead and crank that. ♪ ♪
10:07 am
>> here it comes. do you like this one? ♪ >> here it comes. ♪ should be here now, but she isn't ♪ ♪ there's your trouble there's your trouble ♪ ♪ seeing double with the wrong one ♪ >> i still don't know what the -- but i like it. >> we are trying something new. >> something new. >> we don't think it's going to work. >> okay. you know when we do okay or not okay, and everybody seems bored when we're doing it. we decided to zush it up a little. >> zush. >> we're going to see what we've done with our okay or not okay. here's the question, is it okay to date while divorcing and let it roll? >> i have learned that it's best to completely close one door before you open another. >> yes, it's okay as long as the marriage is over and you are just waiting for the ink to dry. >> what do you think?
10:08 am
let us know. is it worth all the effort we put into it? >> all right. you guys, they are out of hair and makeup, and they are looking good. our plaza ambush makeovers are next right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love... and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't.
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♪ i woke up to a feeling ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we always make our kraft singles with milk, and no artificial flavors, so you can be sure there's no single thing better for your grilled cheese. ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ the affordable care act meanses big changes this year...ected. when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages. it literally took me weeks.
10:11 am
i will give you a tax and health care review. i know the law. i have the solution... and i can help you figure it out. we're going to see this through together. time for our plaza ambush makeovers where two lucky ladies get surprised with a brand new
10:12 am
look. >> today contributor and stylist to the stars working his magic louis bakari, la, la, la, la, la. >> check it out. >> it's all about the ending. >> today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch and author jill martin. >> add that to the graphics too so we don't have to sing it once. how was it? everyone has hats and coats and scarves on. >> yes. it was a chilly day. chilly day. a lot of tourists. jill and i saw two ladies immediately, and we went right to them, and they were -- >> is that a good thing? >> no, it is a good thing because it's pretty girls that could be made prettier. >> let's start off with judy gerrard from st. louis, missouri. she told us that her entire wardrobe is at least a decade old, and she has had a chance to update her look. let's listen to her story.
10:13 am
weesh here with the hat family. thank you. you wants this gift for mom. tell me why. >> yeah. she's in charge of 30 kids for a school field trip, and she's doing a great job of just taking care of everyone, making sure everyone is on their schedule. >> they have everything. >> i'm super happy. i'm spending my birthday with her, and it's pretty cool to be out here. >> so nice to hear. >> this is awesome. being with my son on his birthday, and being in new york city, it couldn't be more exciting. >> you told me you're ready for an update. >> i am totally ready for an update. i've had -- been growing out the hair since forever. i'm 44. i'm an old fart. i'm ready to get freshened up. >> i love it. judy is here again. she's fun. with her son, kennedy. kennedy, raise your hand. 17 years old today. happy birthday, kennedy. and his friend, tyler, is in the house too. all right, guys. please keep on your blindfolds until i give you the green light. here is judy gerrard. let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, boys.
10:14 am
all right, kids. get ready. all right, kennedy. come on, tyler. take off your blindfolds. >> whoa! >> they planned that. >> they did plan that. >> spin right around. >> you look amazing. >> wow. >> you look awesome. >> that's not me. >> yes, it is. >> i love it. >> spin right around. look at that camera right there. >> oh mishgs gosh. >> two small changes that make a big, big change. number one, i mate her hair darker and richer, and look how shiny it looks. then ray just gave her these long layers and textureized it, and old fart nothing. you're glamorous, girl. >> so pretty. >> boys, boys, kennedy, what do we think? >> you look good. >> you like? jill, that dress is perfect. >> it's the little black dress. this is from london times. i love the top where it's that hint of lace. then i love a beige shoe with a black dress. these are from juicy couture.
10:15 am
>> beautiful. why don't you join your son. >> all right. >> all right. our second lady is vivian mart martinez. she's 42 from miami. her daughter says she totally needs a makeover so, we knew we had to grab her off the plaza. let's listen to her story. >> well, this is fun here with your niece and daughter, and i know you're so excited, so tell me why are you excited for this for mom? >> because my mom is a really good mom. >> oh. what does she do for you? >> she helps me with my homework, and she just is really nice. >> ah, isn't that so nice to hear? i know you're excited for this. >> i am. i'm nervous, but it's about time. i thought i had my fancy clothes on today, but apparently i need a makeover. >> that's not why we picked you. we think you're going to look fab. >> thanks. i'm really excited about it. >> she seems like a doll. adorable. >> she's here with her daughter, eleanor, and her nieces elizabeth and carolina.
10:16 am
let's bring out the new vivian. >> whu! . >> oh, girl, nice. okay. all righty. are you ready to take off your blindfolds? okay. go. >> wow. >> want to turn around, vivian, and see? >> whoa. >> you are -- >> wow. great. it's cute. look at the color. >> isn't it cute? >> it's awesome. it looks -- look right there. >> what did do you? >> debra -- in this case i softened the color. her hair color was a burnt orange, and i just wanted to give talgts more golden undertone, which we did. >> i love that. >> what ray did was textureized the hair because her hair was -- we needed a little more fullness. >> that's impossible. >> red lipstick was her signature makeup. she has a new natural palate.
10:17 am
>> that's such a pretty corral color, isn't it, sweetie? >> yes. >> do you mind? >> we wanted to put her in a bright pastel to brighten her up. you can wear pastel in the winter. especially here in new york. it's from london times, and, again, just great jewelry. it's amazing. >> vivian, what do you say? >> you're eleanor. what do you think of your mom? yeah. nieces, what do you all think? >> i think she looks beautiful. >> beautiful. >> everybody looks beautiful. thank you very much. >> let's bring judy back out here. judy, why don't you step up and give a round of applause for our ladies. >> something about a vivian that's gone viral. >> you know how they do. >> after this. you, hang up first. no, you!! [ female announcer ] after school, get to pizza pleasin'
10:18 am
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10:21 am
it is time for webtastic where sara haynes has the next video that is catching on. >> it's a flu prank. nathan barnett and his friend, walid, decided to fake sneeze on people. they caught it all on camera. check it out. [ sneezing ] >> oh. [ sneezing ]
10:22 am
>> sorry. >> i'm so sorry. i tried to hold it. do you want a wet nap. i have a wet nap. i have a ton of them. i'm so sorry. [ sneezing ] >> oh, i'm sorry. do you want a wet nap? >> no. [ sneezing ] >> oh, sorry. oh, i'm sorry. did i get you? want a wet nappy? >> oh, that guy almost punched me. [ sneezing ] >> oh, so sorry. i think i got your ice cream. i think i sneezed -- you should just give it to me. you should let me eat it.
10:23 am
okay. thanks. >> a big hello to the folks from new orleans who are here in the house. >> hey. >> sometimes we have a little studio audience. just wanted to say hi. love you too. >> coming up next, the star-spangled edition of who new in honor of monday's presidential inauguration. >> then former law star donovan -- hanging in our -- >> oh. >> animal magnetism. suzy orman who has advice if she lives. one of the hottest new tech products of 2013. first, your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] excedrin excels with migraine sufferers. these heads belong to those who can't put their lives, jobs and loved ones on hold because of a migraine. so when a migraine starts, they grab excedrin migraine. they know excedrin provides fast pain relief. plus it relieves sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. no wonder it's #1 neurologist recommended.
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10:25 am
good morning. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. we could find out today if the bay area's newest casino gets to open its penthouse gaming floor. san jose's police chief is stepping down on friday. that's chris moore. he's promised to make a decision about casino m8trix's eighth floor before he leaves office. it offers high stakes gambling and a panoramic view of silicon
10:26 am
valley. he's concerned over the casino's ability to safely monitor activity on that top floor. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
10:27 am
welcome back. the time is 10:28. so close to that all-important weekend. this is a live look at it will sunol grade. looking pretty good here, as far as the sky goes. we'll check on all the details for your drive with mike in just a moment. look at your highs today. 65 in gilroy. 66 in san jose. in san francisco, you'll hit 64.
10:28 am
come this weekend, the mavericks competition has been called. we'll have your full forecast for that and a warmer weekend ahead as well. talking about that today at 11:00. let's check the drive with mike. >> this is san jose, here 101 looks fine at the 680 interchange. but north of there, you see the slowing after you get to the airport. slow all the way up. and then definitely jamming down just at 237, on 237 as well. the earlier accidents cleared over half an hour ago in palo alto and at the 237 and 101 interchange. but the slowing continues there. we just have all those folks heading through that area. 880 farther north through the downtown, slow as well. in downtown, lady gaga concert tonight. crowds around hp pavilion. be careful for the pedestrians. >> we'll have more of the day's top stories coming up in just 30 minutes. jon kelley and i hope to see you at 11:00.
10:29 am
we're back with more on "today" here to play our trivia game called who knew. with president obama's second swearing in coming up on monday, we wanted to test your knowledge on inaugural history. how about that? kathie lee is across at the nbc experience store. she's going to give $100 though those that answer the questions correctly, and to the ones who don't, the losers, they get my fabulous book. >> hoda, they all want the book. they really want my cd. i said you're going to have to wait, though they really want the book. >> all right. helping me out here is "time magazine's" executive editor radicka jones. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> are you ready? >> i am ready. >> let's go across the street. a nice young lady studying here in new york. which president's inauguration was first to be broadcast on the internet. president obama, president george w. bush, bill clinton, or ronald reagan? >> bill clinton.
10:30 am
>> hmm. poor hoda. >> wait. she got $100? >> so tell us, he was the first? >> it was his second inauguration in 1997, and before you start thinking the white house was super internet savvy, bare in mind bill clinton sent a grand total of two emails during his eight years. >> are you kidding? >> not kidding. >> world has changed. back across to kath. >> chico and california. who elizabeth be one of the performers singing at president barack obama's second inauguration? beyouns yea, kelly clarkson, carly rae jepsen or james taylor. who went be there? >> carly rae jepsen. >> poor hodie. >> this is a bad day. >> you know what, hoda. i figured it out, though. they can take the money that they win and buy your book at barnes & noble. >> they can buy four books. okay. carly rae jepsen, the one. >> i guess he didn't call her maybe. >> girl, i thought you were going to go there. >> although others, james taylor will perform. >> james taylor is old hand at
10:31 am
this. he performed at the dnc. beyonce has been a big obama performer. >> back across to kath. >> sweet lady from alalberta, canada, right? calgary. >> which president was worn in a second time because the oath wasn't recited in the correct order? president james madison, president george h.w. bush, president jimmy carter, or president barack obama? >> can i get a lifeline? >> if someone is here with you. >> no. >> you are confusing me with regis. >> i'm going to say b? [ buzzer ] >> yeah! >> she gets hoda's book, so she's a winner. >> yeah! okay. so the correct answer, president barack obama. >> it was president obama. justice roberts put the word faithfully in the wrong spot. they had to redo it the next day in the map room at the white house. >> i remember that. >> i think they spoke very slowly the second time through. >> i'm sure they did. back across.
10:32 am
>> expecting a little baby this spring from houston, texas. okay. which of the following will not be one of the three bibles president obama will use during the swearing-in ceremonies? a family bible that belonged to his in-laws, the bible used by abraham lincoln, the bible that dr. martin luther king carried with him during his travels and hosa parks' bible that she owned as a civil rights activist? >> rosa parks. >> yes. you're right. you're right. >> wow. congratulations. okay. so that's the one that won't be, but the other three will. >> he is using the in-laws' family bible in a small ceremony on monday. he is stacking the lincoln and martin luther king bibles. >> let's go back across to kath. we have kim kardashian with us, and it's her birthday from los angeles. who was the first president to be sworn in by a woman. president lyndon johnson, john kennedy, bill clinton, or george w. bush? >> bill clinton?
10:33 am
[ buzzer ] >> you're a winner too. >> yes, you are. >> all right, kim kardashian gets my book. so the correct answer here, president lyndon johnson. >> lyndon johnson. you might remember that famous, famous picture on air force one after president kennedy was assassinated. he was sworn in by a dallas judge, sarah hughes. >> okay. well, thank you so much. that was -- we learned a lot, and kathie lee is going to come back across the street now, and we're going to talk to a woman who knows a thing or two about money. our good friend suzy or man is with us. we're going to speak with her after this. i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can do more of the things that i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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10:37 am
♪ >> it's time for today's money and some fun with financial guru suze orman. stwoo whether you are trying to take control of your finances or build yourself a nestegg for yourself, gather around because we're playing the how much do you know about money game, and suze, the host of cnbc's "suze orm orman" show is with us. >> i'm going to make some money because i have a bet as to how many you're going to get right. >> this could be complicated, though. >> before we get to the quiz, there was an interesting statistic that showed that young adults actually had more credit card debt than their parents. find that hard to believe for some reason. >> you shouldn't find that hard to believe because the truth of the matter is they're graduating college with more student loan debt than they have any idea. they don't have a job.
10:38 am
they can't pay back their student loan debt. what are they going to do? they're living off of their credit cards, which makes sense. >> let's play. >> and incurring more debt. >> are you ready? >> we are. >> not really. >> drum roll, please. >> come on. >> how much less will your paycheck be this month? >> 4%. >> 2%? 4.2% 6.2%? >> 2%. >> one right. one right. okay. what is the maximum amount that each of you could put into a 401k plan this year? $17,500? $23,000? $30,000? >> $30,000. >> wrong. >> you are at $17,500. you are at $23,000. >> do you know how much i make? >> because of our age? >> that's the maximum, yes. >> age or income? >> maximum and income, but still, trust me, that is it. both wrong. just so you know. >> we don't like your attitude.
10:39 am
>> i don't blame you. >> come on. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> how many months of income -- your income -- should you have saved for an emergency fund? >> three. >> six. >> do you people not listen to me many. >> what were the choices? give me the choices again? >> there were three, six, and eight? >> eight. >> all right. >> i got one. >> either you wait for the choices or you get it wrong. >> jeez. >> look, she gave me credit. because i said it afterwards. i got it. >> true or false, ladies. true or false. is it better to lease a car than buy a car? >> is it better financially? i say true. >> it's better to lease a car than -- >> yes, it is. >> oh, gosh. that's a good question. >> please answer. >> then i'll say false. >> right. you want to buy a car. you never want to lease a car. leasing a car, people, it's the biggest waste of money. >> why? >> you can take social security at 62, 67, or 70? >> 70.
10:40 am
70. >> oh, it's not going to be there when you are 70, so you better take it at 62. >> why? >> because it increases from 62 -- >> you get more. >> what if it's not there because we're -- >> it's going to be there. >> true or false, once you have paid off a credit card and aren't using it, should you close it? >> yes. >> yes. >> true. >> wrong. you should not because -- and i have done this segment with you, hoda. >> i don't listen. i don't listen. >> do not do that. it hurts your credit score. >> that doesn't make any sense. why keep it if you're not using one? >> if you close down your credit card, you decrease that credit limit because you don't have that credit limit anymore. the less credit limit you have, the more debt to credit limit you have, so it hurts your fico score. >> what if there's some sort of a fee for that card? >> if you were smart, you would never have a fee for a credit card. >> i just proved i'm not smart. >> what is a tiebreaker, even though i'm winning.
10:41 am
>> whatever. >> what is the highest fico score you can have? >> 850, 950, or 1,000? >> 950. >> 850 or 1,000. >> bingo! >> did she win? >> fico scores run from 300 to 850. >> let's see the present. that's really what this is about. >> hoda won irks think. >> it was a tiebreaker. you won. >> it's fake money. >> suze orman, you rock. >> thank you. you get to pay off our deficit. >> the suze orman show airs saturday night at 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. eastern. you already knew that. >> we're taking a walk on the wild side with patrick monihan. >> no, kate, don't do it. [ female announcer ] what makes florida's natural orange juice taste so uniquely fresh and delicious? is it the rich florida soil? or the perfect blend of sunshine, rain, and temperature? maybe it's the fact that florida's natural oranges
10:42 am
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10:45 am
you may have thought, excuse me, dominik monihan was wild as the drug addicted rocker on the hit tv show "lost." now is he back in the wilderness
10:46 am
getting up close and permanent with some of the deadliest creatures in the world. >> he is host of a new series on bbc america called eye wild things with dominik monihan." in the first episode dominik encounters an extremely venomous cobra. take a look. >> i'm not letting this body get on my hand because as soon as i do, that could spell a real problem for me. whoa. >> ew, ew. >> that looks like fun. >> ew. >> that's the kind of snake you don't want to handle, but i'm going to pass these two off to you ladies. >> how do you know what you do want to handle and what you don't. >> don't handle venomous snakes. >> they're all tangled up. >> these are bull pythons. these are bull pythons. probably the best -- >> are they babies? >> these are pretty grown adult females. probably the best python that
10:47 am
you could have as a pet. they don't grow too much bigger than this. i think people a lot you would be in more danger from being hurt by a kitten. >> in the everglades they have a terrible problem. >> watch your little mouth around me? i don't mind holding your body. you keep your little mouth to yourself. >> let me ask you, how does this kill its prey? >> it will strike at it. >> don't put it near me. >> it will sit in an ambush position and strike at it and coil around it. >> you cannot believe how strong it is trying to -- it just wants you, hoda. >> concentrate. it will coil around its prey and stop it from breathing and ultimately suffocate it and swallow it whole. yummy. >> hoda, it is actually -- >> pass it over. are you good? >> we're fine. here. >> it's so strong. >> take mine. >> i'll take this one. >> hoda, you'll see how strong this guy is. oh.
10:48 am
>> tell us about -- >> oh, he has it around his neck. >> he can -- how do you tell the difference between a male and female snake, and you told us something fascinate sng. >> male snakes have two penises. very lucky for female snakes. >> do they both work? >> when they're going to copulate, they'll wrap around each other -- it's really this time of the morning. one of the penises will be the winner, and the other one will hang out for a little bit and watch the other one. >> when you were on "lost" were you into snakes then? >> i have always been into animals. it's not just snakes. the show itself is about me traveling around the world and showing you -- >> i don't -- >> you're okay. >> there's not really an intimidation factor when traveling to some of the crazy places eating wild food, not speaking the language, you know, meeting some bizarre creatures. i've always been into the misunderstood type of animals, and that is usually insects,
10:49 am
reptiles, amphibians. i like polar bears and gorillas and tigers. >> your show looks scary. >> all around the wore. it's fascinating. >> i go to south america, all around the world, africa, southeast asia, and i look for things like the world's largest spider, the world's most dangerous scorpion, the world's most dangerous ant, the world's largest bee. you're doing very veshgs well over there. >> i just keep flopping around. >> this is a 14 foot python, so you are dealing with tiny pythons. jump into a tree with -- >> dominik monihan, he knows what he is taking about. it premiers on bbc america on tuesday. >> it's got you. that's it. end of the show. >> all right. >> find out why sara is zipping around our studio on one wheel. oh. that other cool new gadget. a fork that can help you lose weight. >> who thought that was a good idea? ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> time for "today's" international consumer electronics show that wrapped up earlier this month, and it was a gadget heaven featuring more than 3,200 exhibit orz. >> today dibbling tal lifestyle expert mario armstrong was right there in the thick of it. >> yes. >> now he is here with some of the hottest products that will be making our lives easier. >> they will. good to see you both. >> what's going on? >> a lot of great stuff. 30 football fields. i only brought a lot of bill bit from 309 football fields of stuff. some of this stuff is a little expensive, but the price wills drop down. everybody knows legos, but these are rebottic that you can control. >> why are you jiggling? >> i'm jiggling the smartphone -- i'm going to make it jump out at you. atdz if you haven't had enough with snakes already this morning. >> this hooks up to your smartphone. >> it's crazy. >> it's a lot of fun. kids will enjoy this. plus, you're teaching kids ino vaifsh skills like computer programming. it's just jumping. >> what else do you have?
10:54 am
you can't eat those. >> those are -- you can't eat those. what you have here is a screen protector. they showed these screen protectors at the show? cracked screens cost money. >> i have a flintstone phone, and i love it. i don't want it. >> i'm going to demonstrate how strong this little piece of plastic. that's all it is. it's on here. i'm going to smash it with a hammer. >> oh, oh. >> it's not breaking the iphone or the -- >> are you kidding? >> it's incredible. >> you just leave it on while you're use it? >> you don't even know it's there. this is the happy fork. the happy fork is an electric fork that helps you monitor your eating habits. what it does is as i'm eating, it can then alert me by a little vibration. feel it. feel the vibration. you won't feel it until you're eating too fast. >> if you're eating too fast, it tells you to -- >> it will slow you down. it will vibrate and -- >> now you can't even -- >> now. >> the flu is going around.
10:55 am
>> that will be the next viral video. sorry about that. i just sneezed. >> don't give up your day job. all right? >> headphones were big. soul republic has the headphone that is are master track. you cannot do that with regular headphones. >> virtually -- >> indestructible. very light. sound beautiful. can you mix and match the colors. >> you have a new pair of headphones every day. >> i know. >> kids break headphones. >> what's this? >> this is a big highlight. this is a whole new type of pc. this is called the table pc. we're going to play. don't you touch until i tell you to. >> sorry, sorry. >> now you can touch. this is air hockey. it has an intel processor inside. it makes it go really fast. we're playing air hockey. >> you want to play? >> i didn't know if i could. >> absolutely. >> there you go. now hit the little -- push it here. hold it down, and then push it. there you go. hey, you -- score. >> we won? >> the whole idea is -- >> we got to get down the table.
10:56 am
what's happening? sara is on the solo wheel. the solo wheel is one of the highlights of the show. this is a personal human transporter. it can go up to 10 miles per hour fast and up to 10 miles with one charge. >> it looks dangerous, actually. >> it's like a uni-cycle. >> yeah. >> think of it as a segway without handle bars. >> it's a little tricky. sdmri wouldn't want to go over -- >> could jump? it doesn't jump with you. it's electric. >> i like it. >> you plug it in. very green. very ergonomic. >> thank you. >> looks like fun. >> careful, sara. >> 1600 penn actor. the last minute weekend get-aways. bye.
10:57 am
10:58 am
. .
10:59 am
i'm live at stanford where students are reacting to a bizarre story and an apparent hoax played on a college football player. i'll explain, coming up. first-class accommodations for the giants' most prized possession. you might be surprised to hear where the world series trophy is headed next. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. and a controversial gun proposal being considered in the south bay. what people might soon have to do in order to own an assault rifle in san jose. nbc bay area news starts now. good morning to you and thanks for being with us, i'm marla tellez. >> we start out with the latest in a long line of strange twists and the story involving notre dame football star manti te'o and his girlfriend who allegedly attended stanford and tragically died, allegedly. it turns out she never even
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